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Skilled Nursing Services

We can participate in medical case management by serving as a liaison between the client, family, and primary physician, by attending appointments with the client and/or discussing the client’s medical conditions over the phone. Our Nurse has an inherent interest in optimizing the overall health and well-being of our clients.

We can manage medications by:

  • Assisting with refills
  • Organization
  • Discussing side effects and effectiveness with a physician

We are very flexible and accessible providing home health assessments for clients by assessing vitals (heart rate, blood pressure, lung status, body temperature, oxygen saturation, glucose monitoring) on a regular basis or when symptoms of a potential illness arise.

We can do wound care with:

  • Bandage changes
  • Cleaning
  • Healing assessment
  • Application of medication

Again, with communication to primary physician. 

We can provide injections as long as medications and supplies are provided in the home. 

Other tasks include:

  • Suctioning and cleaning tracheotomy tubes and sites
  • Working with feeding tubes and enteral nutrition
  • Home dialysis

This is all under an affordable private-pay structure which allows Nursing staff to come into the home anytime and be on-call, not having to wait for a doctor’s referral and for Medicare and other insurances to approve the care. We serve you, not insurance companies or the government. This is of particular importance during times of mass quarantine and viral outbreaks to help people stay at home but also receive quality medical care on their terms.

Contact us today and see how skilled nursing services can help you and your loved one.

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