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Home Care is an Affordable Option to Assisted Living

In-home care is generally the most economical option for maintaining independence and for remaining in your own home. Overall cost, of course, depends on how many hours of service are needed and the duration of those services. Right at Home offers one-hour bath visits all the way up to 24-hour care. Let’s consider two housing options for seniors and see how they compare to what we offer at Right at Home.

Assisted Living Create a One Size Fits All Package

One housing option is an independent senior living community or ISLC that ranges in price from $1,800-$3,000 per month depending on the lifestyle package you select in terms of meal plan, housekeeping, laundry service, and transportation. Some ISLCs do not offer any amenities. This cost is equivalent to 18-30 hours per week of home care where you make all of the decisions regarding meal choices, when and where to go shopping, how late to sleep in the morning and so on. Independent senior living communities are set up to serve a large group of people so there really is no individual choice of meals offered, group transportation times and choice of destination, and activities offered to residents. Housekeeping is basic, many places will not dust furniture or shelves, and it is offered on a more limited basis. Laundry service is done using the same washer and dryer as everyone else in the building. Some communities have a washer/dryer unit in each apartment in which case there may not be any physical assistance offered to do laundry. ISLCs have apartments that you rent and the staff is limited in the scope of assistance that can be provided, thus the terms independent living. For example, if you fall in your apartment staff is not permitted to help you get up from the floor. Sometimes an emergency call button is provided for an additional cost so when activated the staff can come check on you but will still need to call EMS to physically assist you which is an added cost to you as well.

Senior Living Communities Can Be Limited On the Services They Provide

State and federal laws also dictate how much and what type of assistance you may receive in an assisted senior living community or ASLC which is another rental housing option to consider as you age. An assisted senior living community differs from an independent one in that more care can be offered to you. However, this care is limited to twice weekly bathing/dressing assistance and medication management as well as the services offered in an ISLC such as housekeeping and laundry. As a result, ASLCs are more expensive running from $3,500-$5,000 per month which equals 40-55 hours of home care per week. Staff in an ASLC cannot help you with assisted ambulation, transfers, toileting, or management of incontinence. Routines in an ASLC are more regimented, for example, showers may only be offered in the early morning hours and perhaps you or your loved one has always enjoyed an evening bath. Baths are not even an option in an assisted senior living community.

Right at Home Provides a Custom Care Plan, Specific to Your Needs, Providing Personalized Care in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Consider what could be accomplished with 55 hours of personal home care per week. Right at Home professional caregivers can provide all of the services provided by both independent and assisted senior living communities in addition to helping with safe walking to prevent falls, toileting (and you don’t have to wait 15-30 minutes for someone to come to your room), help with eating or feeding, transfers and incontinence management- all tasks that are commonly reserved for living in a nursing home or long-term care facility (LTCF). And all of these services can be provided for you in the comfort of your own home where you have created many memories, can keep your pets or get new pets, enjoy continued appreciation of the value of your property, eat a meal at times that you choose, schedule appointments or shopping excursions on your own time and the list goes on.

Right at Home In-Home Care and Assistance offers one-on-one, personalized plans of care that you develop with us. We help you achieve your aging-in-place goals!

If someone you love is in need of care, contact us today.

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