Brighton, MI
(810) 225-4724

"Being Mortal" Online Learning Module

If you're looking for a prescription for practical guidance on having more successful and effective conversations about  serous and terminal illnesses, check out this 1-hour online "Being Mortal" learning module available 24/7.

Employee Temperature Screening Services

Our Qualified Screeners are trained to perform accurate measurements using infrared non-contact thermometers and will strictly follow up on your safety protocol.

Covid-19 Transitional Care

If you have a loved one who is currently unable to attend adult day care, our in home service is here to provide the care needed on a temporary basis during the CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) outbreak/pandemic.

2018 Lansing Alzheimer's Walk

The 2018 Lansing Alzheimer's Walk Raised $200,000 in the fight to end Alzheimer's!

Scams Targeting Seniors

“Hi, Grandma. Hey, Grandpa. I’m in trouble, but please don’t tell anyone. Please. The cops arrested me and I didn’t do anything. I need $1,000 to post bail. I need you to send me money.”

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