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"I wanted to thank you for the quick turn around from you and your staff in providing assistance to my husband while I traveled last week. My husband was very pleased with the service he received! It was comforting to know that he was in good hands. THANK YOU!"

"As the person who spends 5 twenty four hour days with my Father in-law Fred Modrak I wanted you to know how much the family appreciates RAH staff member Charlie Kline. Each day she brings energy, enthusiasm, and a bright encouraging outlook to her patient Fred. She is very thorough, detail oriented, and dedicated to the tasks at hand. She creates an environment that Fred responds to very well. Charlie is confident in what she is doing, very safety minded, and provides a wealth of knowledge to all us. We greatly appreciate Charlie's professionalism and her willingness to help all of us with the process of caring for Fred.

Charlie is an outstanding representative of RAH. I just wanted you to know. They say that success is in the people who work for you - I hope you have a hundred Charlies." - Best regards, George Birchmeier ★★★★★

"Just a note of thanks for all the care provided to our father, Jim S., over the past year.  Ever since he lost his mobility, we were in a quandary as to whether we would be able to provide the care for him necessary to maintain the quality of life that we all so desired.  The supplemental assistance provided by Right at Home enabled us to keep Jim in our home without compromising the care that was needed.

The care provided by your staff was exemplary.  Jim looked forward daily to the conversation and the great company that was provided by Rennie, Emily, Michael and Tanya.  They all exhibited great teamwork and as caregivers, provided Dad with the loving care and assurance that his needs were always satisfied.  Dad, as well as your staff, will always be remembered in our hearts and prayers.

Please do not hesitate to use our name as a reference for any prospective clients.  I am recently retired from the healthcare industry and can attest to the competency of your staff and would highly recommend your services without any hesitation." - Sincerely, Jerry and Linda D. ★★★★★

"This company's philosophy of employing people who truly care about their clients was very evident to our family when our parents needed help recently. Everyone - from management on down- was genuinely interested in our parents and their needs. Compassionate and caring, they treated our parents like their own. I am particularly grateful for one of the aides, Mistry, who discovered my father's extremely low blood pressure. This discovery landed him in the ICU for several days. Time was of the essence and we believe the time and care she took resulted in a life saved. RAH was a blessing to us. I HIGHLY recommend them!" - Elaine ★★★★★

"Right at Home is excellent. They provide my mom with excellent care and outstanding compassion. Each of the nurse assistants were friendly and cared for my mom as if she was family. Lauren was incredible and became like a family member. Keep up the great work and thank you!" - Maria ★★★★★

"Jenny is wonderful for my 94 yr old mother. Jenny is cheerful, kind, efficient, concerned, and encourages my mother to join in daily activity. Jenny communicates with me making good suggestions for improvement (shower chair). I believe Jenny has enhanced my mother's health, safety, and happiness. Thank you for this peace of mind - I live 500+ miles away." - Mary Lee ★★★★★

"Very great service and help for me. I thank my girls for the care and being kind to an old man. Very helpful and professional to work with. On time and reliable to be here for me. Very hard workersand they do cooking too." - William ★★★★★

"Great people, great service. My mom was a difficult case and they stuck with her." - Vicky ★★★★★

"It is my pleasure to write to you about Diane, our home health aide. As the wife of her client, I am so relieved to know that my husband is in her kind hands when I leave for work. Diane is just the right amount of 'doing' without taking over our home. She lets Mike 'lead' what he wants/needs to do on each of her visits and helps him wholeheartedly. Diane is thoughtful as she carefully watches over Mike. She encourages him while he completes his assigned exercises." - Mike ★★★★★

"Excellent caring professional company! High quality people and staff. Very reliable and punctual. Thank you for helping us." - James ★★★★★

"Right at Home is excellent service and help. Thank you for taking the time to get us the help I needed. Val was super. She was like a second daughter. I loved her company and the help she does for me and my pets." - Gratefully yours, Gail H - ★★★★★

"Excellent care and service for my father. The staff was courteous and professional! We highly recommend them. Thank you!" - Sue ★★★★★

"Right at Home is excellent. They provide my mom with excellent care and outstanding compassion. Each of the nurse assistants were friendly and cared for my mom as if she was family. Lauren was incredible and became like a family member. Keep up the great work and thank you!" - Maria ★★★★★

"Excellent service. Thank you!!!" -Laura ★★★★★

"I'm very happy with the care that Pauline and Heidi give to my wife." - Frank ★★★★★

"We have worked with 3 other companies before finding Right at Home and were so impressed with them. Very responsive, great caregivers and went above and beyond. They helped us out in 2 emergencies and even helped find a new living facility for my uncle when needed! Excellent overall and highly recommend them." - Stanley ★★★★★

"Right at Home has made a big difference in my life. I am grateful to Barry and all of the fine caregivers who have helped me so far to be able to stay in my home and remain independent in my life. The caregivers have gone out of their way to help me. It's wonderful! It's definitely a service that is very much needed and I appreciate it very much." - John M. ★★★★★

"Right at home is a good company to work for, and is a good company to have caring for you loved ones. They take the extra steps needed to ensure the best care is provided." - Matt ★★★★★

"Great caring place. Caregivers are wonderful. They do a wonderful job." - Steph ★★★★★

"One of the greatest caregivers I know." - MS ★★★★★

"Excellent overall company. I thoroughly approve of your staff and their care for my mother. I hope she will be able to use your services again after her therapy. Good-peace of mind, healthy meal prep, reliable coverage, tailor care to client, respect client, variety of services, communication with client family, suggest items to help assist client and make home safer. Improve-communication between caregivers, telephone answering, same name of mom not just hello." - Sincerely, MLB - ★★★★★

"Barry and his team were outstanding, the care and compassion that we had from them was beyond words. They were always there when we need them, last minute calls to change a schedule or add a time was no problem, The knowledge they shared to help us in the caregiving of our loved one was remarkable. I never had to worry which relieved a lot of stress. I knew that everything was under control with Barry and his team." - Et ★★★★★

"We have great experience with Right at Home. We have two companions, and they were the most responsive, compassionate, and caring." - Sandra ★★★★★

"Great service and care for my dad! Caregivers were exceptional, courteous, kind and caring. Thank you!" - Paul ★★★★★

"Right at Home provides great service for our needs and care. The girls are wonderful and help us around the house. They are very professional and considerate. Thank you." - Anonymous ★★★★★

"Right at Home is our 3rd provider and we wish we could have started with them from the beginning. The aides are wonderful compassionate, caring and attentive. They are very flexible to work with." - Juliene ★★★★★

"Barry was one of the most friendly business owners I have met. His other client and caregivers could not have been more punctual and kind. Always flexible and willing to help in anyway. They worked closely with my brother to keep him active and engaged. They read to him, did puzzles and took him on outings. I don’t remember the last time his house was as clean as it is now. Thank you!" - Diane ★★★★★

"Barry and his staff are exceptional! I could not have asked for better more caring and compassionate caregivers. Valerie, Amanda, and Melissa were angels for my mom. They helped us in some very difficult times, and they became part of the family. We are truly blessed to have found you! Thank you for everything you do!" - Jill ★★★★★

"Right at Home is great. They helped my mom for almost 4 years until we had to move her to assisted living. The girls and Barry were great. Thank you." - Jeff ★★★★★

"I appreciate the care for the client's feelings as well as their needs. They come first." - Sandra ★★★★★

"Excellent company and great caregivers. We loved all the assistance for my mom. I am in North Carolina for a few weeks. What the staff did while I was there was very impressive. Compassionate, professional, and caring young women that went above and beyond for my mom. Thank you Barry and team!" - Suzie ★★★★★

"Barry's company was the best! They are courteous, friendly, caring, and well trained to attend all needs of my care and bath. Thank you for all you do!" - Ruth ★★★★★

"Right At Home is great, very knowledgeable, and always on time. Their caregivers are friendly and work very hard. They provide excellent care for Joan and very thoughtful. They are very good cooks too. Keep up the great work!" - John ★★★★★

"Right At Home is simply the best company we have found. The caregivers are exceptional, compassionate, and caring. My mom and dad love them all. Barry and Tessa please keep up the outstanding work. We love what you all do. Thank you!" - Amy ★★★★★

"Raff was outstanding! He gave the best care we could have asked for. He made my parents feel so at ease. The staff was reliable and was so easy going. They became an extension of our family. Keep up the good work and all that you are doing.Thank you so much to Barry and to his team of wonderful caregivers!" - Heidi ★★★★★

"Simply the best! We have workers with other companies but RAH was outstanding! We could not have asked for anything more or better care and professionalism. They went above and beyond to help us. Thank you! " - Carol ★★★★★

"I have had multiple agencies to take care of my 92 year old Mom. Right at Home found 2 extremely special people who not only were able to calm my mother but she actually enjoyed their companionship and care. Although not fluent in English she was able to communicate to the caregivers. Her anxiety improved 100%." - Anonymous ★★★★★

"Right at Home took care of my mom and dad after both were discharged from rehab. They were able to arrange staff to come out for 24/7 care to help ensure the safety. Great job overall. The girls/caregivers they sent were courteous, professional and pleasant. Great cooks as well. Keep up the good work. Thank you." - Al ★★★★★

"Excellent care and service. Thank you!" - Karen ★★★★★

"They are absolutely outstanding! They started with us on a very short notice and did an excellent job! They're very responsive to all of our needs and suggestions. Basey was great and a pleasure to work with. The caregivers were exceptional and we could not have asked for better care. Thank you Right At Home!" - Kathy ★★★★★

"They are very reliable and they show up on time. They provide great service at a reasonable price. We switched because we were not satisfied with our old company. Nurse assistant was well-trained and very professional. This is a pleasant company with friendly staff. Thank you." - Dan ★★★★★

"Right at Home did a great job taking care of my mother during her final days. The owners were extremely helpful and caring. The caregivers were terrific! Thank you so much for all of your help and concerns. " - Vanessa ★★★★★

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