Columbia, MO
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 Right at Home is a private duty home care agency serving Columbia, Jefferson City and the surrounding areas. We provide assistance for all the activities of daily living.

Todd & Shelley Morse, Owners

Todd & Shelley Morse are passionate about serving others by making a positive difference in their lives.  Both have direct personal experience with in home caregiving through work experiences in addition to loved one’s who have received this type of care.  Todd & Shelley have lived and worked in Central Missouri for many years and both are graduates of the University of Missouri, Columbia.  They have been married for over 15 years and have 2 children.  

Shelley has many years of direct experience in providing care to the elderly in addition to individuals with disabilities.  She provided direct personal care while serving as a CNA in addition to being an in home caregiver for people with physical disabilities.  Shelley has a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Rehabilitation and has worked as a Counselor to assess and coordinate services for people with disabilities.  Shelley has dedicated her entire work life to her passion of helping the elderly and people with disabilities to live a more personally fulfilling life.  She carries this passion with her as an owner of Right at Home of Central Missouri.

Todd has over 15 years experience working in various capacities in healthcare. His time and experience in his various roles has been primarily focused on helping providers improve patient’s quality of life.  This experience includes working in the medical, pharmaceutical and Long Term Care industries.   Todd has worked directly with physicians, surgeons and other healthcare providers in Central Missouri for many years working primarily as a consultant in providing pharmaceutical and surgical options for the senior patient.  His experience includes holding various leadership and management positions with the companies he worked for including spending 12 years with Procter & Gamble.  He is motivated in his work life by his passion to provide services and products that help improve the lives of people who are in need.  Todd’s passion for in home care primarily stems from the care his mother received in her home when she was suffering from the devastating effects of cancer.  During this time she received care that enabled her to spend very precious and valuable time at home with her family. 

Todd & Shelley look forward to putting their passion and experience to work for you and your loved one.  Contact us today to learn more about the home care services we provide.  We are committed to our belief of valuing others above ourselves and treating others as we would desire to be treated in similar circumstances.  Our mission is “To be exceptional Caregivers so that Sons can be Sons and Daughters can be Daughters”.


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