The Need for Respite Care

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Every day I enter the homes of families who are overwhelmed and struggling with an issue that wasn’t prevalent 30 to 40 years ago, but is now. Thanks to modern medicine, our seniors live longer today than they did 30-40 years ago. On top of that, today’s seniors are part of the baby-boom bubble where we have 10,000 people turning 65 EVERY DAY in our country. 30-40 years ago, offspring used to live in the same city, and sometimes the same block, but now they live an average of 200 miles away.

The issue – offspring (or spouse) feel the need to care for their elderly parents/grandparents, but they’re either not local (if they’re offspring) or their own lives are pulling at their time as much as their parent’s/grandparent’s needs are pulling at their time.

When I enter a home and see the overwhelm and frustration and then explain that Right at Home is here to help bring them “peace of mind,” the offspring say “but HOW do you do that?”

My reply is always the same – we will take care of your elderly family member so you don’t have to worry about them – we become an extension of you in caring for your loved one. We will be with them as much or as little as you think is needed. We will help them do their daily routine, make sure they take their meds, help them get the grocery shopping done, and keep the house tidy.

Then, I let them know that there’s often a beautiful byproduct of this process… once Right at Home becomes the one directing daily activities for the care of the elderly family member, the family sometimes experiences a new “love connection.” Family members who used to be in the position of reminding or directing their elderly family member are OUT of that role (because Right at Home is there), and the conversations become more love-based or quality-based time together.

If family members want their lives back and want to know their elderly loved ones are in the best hands possible, they must know that Right at Home’s expertise is all about helping them achieve a balance and a quality of life that, until now, has alluded them.

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