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A caregiver in a mask looks at her client while talking to a family member. A caregiver in a mask looks at her client while talking to a family member.

Medical and Community Partners

Meeting our goal of providing extraordinary care depends on more than just our own people. It relies on an extensive network of professionals who have the same commitment to their clients as we do. Without their referrals and partnerships, we would never be able to reach the multitudes of seniors and adults with disabilities who we serve. To those partners: Thank you.

If you’re in a position to assist someone in receiving care, or if you have a unique offering that could help enhance that care, Right at Home could be the perfect ally.

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Working Proudly Together

We are honored to have affiliations with external organizations that can assist in ensuring our care programs meet the needs of clients, and that can help develop continuing education programs and give back to the communities we serve.
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A caregiver smiles at her client over a cup of tea. A caregiver smiles at her client over a cup of tea.

Our Most Common Referrers:

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Medical Professionals
We’re honored and grateful whenever those in the medical field refer patients and their families to a Right at Home office. It highlights the trust they put in our caregivers—a trust we’ve cultivated through our commitment to extraordinary care.
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Care Facilities
Even though it’s our goal to keep seniors and adults with disabilities in their homes, we know that’s not always possible. In those cases, we’re proud to be able to bring our caregivers into full-time care facilities to supplement their outstanding care with our own.
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Community Partners
Sadly, in some circumstances, seniors and adults with disabilities don’t have anyone close to them. Often, these people rely on community outreach organizations to connect them with the appropriate care. We work with many of these organizations to make sure everyone has access to the care they deserve.
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Legal and Social Representatives
These dedicated workers don’t just exist to legally protect those in need of care. In many cases, they’re also responsible for finding caregivers who will extend that protection to their daily lives. When that happens, we’re eager to be able to help.
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A caregiver smiles at his client, who laughs while telling a story. A caregiver smiles at his client, who laughs while telling a story.

Our Promises to You

No matter how you’re looking to work with us, our leadership team has built Right at Home with four fundamental promises, both to our partners and our clients:
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We Are Responsive
You or your clients can contact us at any time. Care managers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Your clients are our clients. We both want the best for them at all times.
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We Are Selective
We employ only the best caregivers, and then carefully put the right caregiver with the right client through a precise matching process. Once a caregiver and client are matched, we provide an extensive orientation on the client's needs to the caregiver.
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We Are Flexible
If a family is unsatisfied with a particular caregiver, all it takes is a phone call. We can custom-match another caregiver to a client at any time.
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We Are Protected
We carry all of the necessary liability coverage so all of our clients and their families are fully protected. Caregivers are bonded and insured. And employer-related expenses, including the security of workers’ compensation, are covered.