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Snickers the Therapy Dog

Right at Home of the CSRA came to be when two former college roommates decided to open Right at Home in 2005. Celeste Hoffman and Kathy Crist currently head up Right at Home and manage their current 80 employees.  Right at Home of the CSRA has served over 1000 clients since its inception. This year, Right at Home was awarded “Provider of the Year” from the CSRA Area Agency on Aging.  Right at Home provides non-medical care and assistance to the elderly and disabled. Their mission is to improve the quality of life for those they serve. The newest member of the Right at Home team to help them fulfill their mission is Snickers, a Registered Therapy Dog.

Snickers therapy dog.

Snickers was abandoned at Celeste’s mailbox one morning in September 2008. Thirsty and starved to 9 ½ pounds,  Snickers was obviously “put out” that morning  in Celeste’s very rural community.   Her poor nutrition caused Snickers to be partially blind but where she lacks in her sight she excels in touching the heart of everyone she comes into contact with.

Being a spaniel mix, Snickers has a very sweet temperament and the desire to please.  She attended the Jay Mar school of obedience in Martinez, GA where she achieved the status of a Registered Therapy Dog.  Snickers makes weekly visits to the elderly in senior living communities, re-hab facilities and in Right at Home client’s homes.

Studies show that there are strong physical and mental benefits to therapy dogs. Anyone who has felt a connection with a pet and experienced that unconditional love, understanding, and acceptance, knows the value of a pet’s companionship. These qualities make animals ideal therapeutic visitors. Studies also show they can actually promote healing.

When not making her visits, Snickers goes to the office with Celeste.  She is popular with the Right at Home employees.   Right at Home is always looking for ways of making a difference in people’s lives and Snickers is helping to make that happen.

Celeste lives in downtown Aiken and often takes Snickers for a morning walk either downtown or in Hitchcock woods. You can recognize Snickers by her “chocolate” colored coat and carmel colored ears and tail.  A  21 year resident of Montmorenci, Kathy has always had Golden Retrievers and her present one is Hallie.  Hallie and Snickers are best friends.  Kathy and Celeste both love all the charm that Aiken has to offer. Serving the Aiken community with Right at Home is very gratifying.

To request a visit from Snickers or for more information on Right at Home and they can help someone you care about, call their Aiken office at 648- 7811.

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