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Published By Eric Hicks on January 22, 2018


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Smoking and Home Oxygen Systems

Many people with respiratory problems now use home oxygen systems. Unfortunately, some people smoke while on oxygen which can be deadly to them and to people around them.

Oxygen Helps Fire Spread Fast!  Oxygen increases the speed at which things burn once a fire starts. Home oxygen therapy increases the amount of oxygen in the environment. It will saturate clothing, fabric, hair, beards and anything in the area. Even flame-retardant clothing can burn when the oxygen content increases.

Never smoke or light a match while using oxygen.
Keep all flames and heat sources away from oxygen containers and oxygen systems.
Do not allow smoking inside of a home where oxygen is used. Even if it is not being used at a particular moment, the home is still an oxygen enriched environment, and fire can get out of hand quickly.

For health care people: Before sending a patient home on oxygen, health care providers must make sure the patient understands the dangers of smoking in an oxygen enriched environment. Smokers should be asked about their intentions. If they are unwilling to quit, the risk of fire can outweigh the benefit of oxygen therapy.

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