Caregiver and senior client on apartment balcony Caregiver and senior client on apartment balcony

Finding Affordable Housing for Seniors in Chattanooga

As our loved ones grow older, ensuring that they have a comfortable and affordable place to call home becomes a top priority. Many seniors in Chattanooga, like elsewhere, are searching for suitable housing that not only meets their needs but also fits their budget. Affordable housing is a growing challenge for nearly all renters and homebuyers, but in this blog post we'll explore affordable housing options for elders in Chattanooga and how Right at Home Chattanooga can assist in that journey.

Understanding the Need for Affordable Senior Housing

A recent report by the Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability highlights the increasing need for affordable housing among older adults. “The aging of the baby boomer generation, increasing life expectancy and declining birthrates are all contributing to a significant shift in the percent of the population over the age of 65. As the older adult population grows, the number of vulnerable seniors —disabled, very low income and/or housing cost burdened—is also projected to increase. This demographic trend will likely strain existing housing, health and human services resources.”

Chattanooga, like many cities across the United States, recognizes the urgency of providing affordable housing solutions for older adults. A recent (March 2021) Comprehensive Housing Market Analysis of Chattanooga by the Department of Housing and Urban Development revealed that in Chattanooga and North Georgia, “overall population growth from 2010 to 2019 was mostly the result of an increase in the retirement-age portion of the population, generally defined as residents age 60 and older. This age cohort increased by an average of 3,350, or 2.7 percent, annually…”

This significant increase in retirement-age adults will require a future investment in affordable housing, but luckily Chattanooga does provide options for seniors, and Right at Home Chattanooga is here to help navigate your journey toward living comfortably at home in old age.

Affordable Housing Options for Seniors in Chattanooga

Here are some affordable housing options that seniors in Chattanooga can explore:

  • Home Sharing: Seniors can consider sharing their homes with roommates or seeking other shared housing arrangements to reduce living expenses. In many circumstances, aging parents will move in with their adult children. While this solution is not suitable for all of our clients, a Pew Research Center survey finds that nearly 79 million adults in the United States, or 31.9 percent of the adult population, live in a “shared household… Today, 14 percent of adults living in someone else’s household are a parent of the household head, up from 7 percent in 1995.”
  • Low-Income Housing: Chattanooga offers several low-income housing options for seniors with limited financial resources. These facilities are designed to make housing costs more manageable. Some of these facilities include Silvertree Senior Apartments and American House. Chattanooga does provide a lottery-based Section 8 housing program, and a Housing Choice Voucher program with limited annual availability. You can learn more about that program here.
  • Independent Living Communities: These communities offer affordable housing options for active seniors. They provide amenities and social activities, fostering a sense of community. Top-rated independent living facilities in Chattanooga include: StoryPoint Chattanooga, Holiday Creekside at Shallowford, and Southern Oaks Assisted Living.

How Right at Home Chattanooga Can Help

Right At Home Chattanooga is dedicated to ensuring that seniors in the Chattanooga area receive the care and support they need to continue living comfortably at home. Our experienced caregivers can assist in numerous ways:

In-Home Care: For seniors who prefer to age in place, we offer in-home care services, ensuring they receive the support they need in the comfort of their own homes.

Social Support: We understand that loneliness can be a concern for seniors. Our caregivers provide companionship, reducing feelings of isolation and enhancing their quality of life.

Navigating Housing Options: We can help seniors and their families explore the affordable housing options listed above, providing guidance on what best suits their needs.

Budgeting Assistance: Our team can work with seniors to create a budget that accommodates their chosen housing option and helps them manage their finances effectively in conjunction with their unique needs.

Finding affordable housing for seniors in Chattanooga is a crucial aspect of ensuring their well-being and happiness during their golden years. With the support of organizations like Right at Home Chattanooga, seniors can navigate the housing landscape more easily and access the assistance they need to maintain their independence and quality of life.

By staying informed about proposed housing initiatives and exploring available resources, seniors and their families can make well-informed decisions that promote affordable, comfortable, and secure living arrangements.

Charlie Ingram
Charlie Ingram serves as the Director of Development for Right at Home Chattanooga. Charlie is a proven leader in Chattanooga with decades of experience in sales leadership, human resources, and talent acquisition. You can contact Charlie at [email protected] or call our offices at (423) 803–2898.
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