Chattanooga State Collage students experiencing Dementia Live Chattanooga State Collage students experiencing Dementia Live

Chatt State Students/Faculty Dive into Dementia Live Training Simulation

Chattanooga State Community College recently played host to an eye-opening, hands-on event, as students and faculty in the Physical Therapy program actively engaged in the Dementia Live simulation. This innovative training experience provides crucial insights into the challenges faced by individuals dealing with cognitive decline, impairment, and sensory changes.

Charlie Ingram explaining the Dementia Live program

The Dementia Live event was administered by Charlie Ingram and Bryan Hensley of Right at Home Chattanooga, who are certified Dementia Live Trainers. In addition to training its own caregivers and educational groups, Right at Home Chattanooga offers these trainings to families, elder care facilities, etc.

During the event, students and faculty stepped into the shoes of those affected by cognitive decline The simulation involved a series of tasks that aimed to recreate the difficulties encountered in everyday life by elders and those affected by cognitive decline. Participants were equipped with noisy headphones covering their ears, glasses restricting their vision, and thick knit gloves limiting their sense of touch.

Physical Therapy students going through the Dementia Live program

The purpose of these hindrances was not only to simulate the physical limitations associated with dementia but, more importantly, to foster empathy among participants. By attempting to complete five seemingly simple tasks under these simulated conditions, the students gained a profound understanding of the struggles faced by individuals dealing with cognitive decline on a daily basis.

The tasks served as a poignant reminder of the obstacles that those with dementia encounter in their routine activities. Through this immersive experience, participants developed a heightened sense of compassion and an increased awareness of the importance of support for individuals living with cognitive decline.

Dementia Live is a powerful tool that goes beyond traditional educational methods, offering a unique and experiential approach to understanding the impact of dementia on individuals and their families. It serves as a bridge to connect students, family members, and caregivers with the emotional and physical challenges faced by those affected by cognitive decline.

Our approach to dementia care is to help you reclaim precious moments with your loved one, so instead of worrying about their bad days, you can celebrate their good days. By becoming experts on dementia and cognitive decline, our caregivers can offer the most effective and compassionate care available to elder loved ones.

Right at Home Chattanooga offers a customized care plan with a combination of personal care, companionship and homemaking, and just as importantly, we can provide respite care for you and your other loved ones.

We extend our sincerest gratitude to the students and faculty at Chatt State for their active participation in the Dementia Live event. Their commitment to gaining a deeper understanding of dementia not only contributes to their own personal growth but also fosters a more compassionate and empathetic community.

To learn more about Dementia Live or Right at Home Chattanooga, Contact Us. By engaging with such transformative experiences, we can collectively work towards building a more supportive and understanding world for those affected by cognitive decline.

Charlie Ingram
Charlie Ingram serves as the Director of Development for Right at Home Chattanooga. Charlie is a proven leader in Chattanooga with decades of experience in sales leadership, human resources, and talent acquisition. You can contact Charlie at [email protected] or call our offices at (423) 803–2898.
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