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Blood Drive and Caregiver Appreciation Day

On Friday, September 8, Right at Home hosted our first ever blood drive with The Miller-Keystone Blood Center.

Senior client and family

Boomer Expectations in Retirement

The boomer generation grew up in the ‘60s, an era that was full of experimentation. At their prime during the ‘70s, they were filled with political awareness. Boomers are more open about how they feel and what they want in life. Many of them desire to live differently than their parents and grandparents did. They believe in a freedom that was never discussed previously.

Senior Couple on Couch

A Valentines Day story: How an accordion helped build a house of love

“It’s been an exciting life, a long life but it’s still pretty good since we are together,” said Sam DiSabatino. The DiSabatinos never once thought about moving out of their longtime home. “It’s our home and there is no other,” said Sam.

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