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We Have a Message for Our Fabulous Caregivers!

"I like that with any issues or concerns that I have, they are open to discussing them. From the beginning, I felt right at home. They are hands-on and friendly. They are like family. I have never worked for anywhere with such a caring and giving attitude." — Caregiver

Congratulations to Keli, Our Caregiver of the Year 2017!

Award Winner Jean Pierce

Selfless Heart Service Award

The "Selfless Heart Service Award" represents a devotion to the greater good of the Right at Home Pottstown team and our clients.

The recipient of this honor will put others before self and sacrifice to support our clients when they need us most. A true team player, this person will support fellow team members even when it means stepping outside of his/her own job responsibilities. They will convey an attitude of positivity and whatever it takes. They are an example to others.

Congratulations to Our Caregivers of the Month!

Our caregivers are the important individuals who really impact our clients' lives. We want to show them our appreciation by honoring one caregiver every month through our Caregiver of the Month program.

Super star

Sheri Z., Caregiver of January 2019

Sheri Z., January Caregiver of the Month

Sheri has many years of experience as a caregiver. She loves working in homecare with Right at Home knowing the work she is doing allows people to continue to live in their own home. Sheri understands that often her clients need help and don't want to ask for it so she tries to put herself in her client's shoes and recognize their vulnerabilities. She knows the importance of keeping a positive attitude every day. Outside of work Sheri enjoys spending time with her family and trips to Disney World with her husband.

Thank you Sheri for all you do!


Caregiver of the Month December 2019

Imani, Caregiver of December 2018

Imani, December Caregiver of the Month

Imani makes a strong impact on all clients with whom she works. She is consistently willing to help whenever needed. We are so grateful for the wonderful work Imani contributes every day!

Thank you Imani for all you do!


Caregiver of the Month of November 2018

Cailin, Caregiver of November 2018

Cailin C., November Caregiver of the Month

Please join us in congratulating Cailin, our Caregiver of the Month. Cailin has been with Right at Home for over a year. She enjoys working as a caregiver and knowing that she is making a difference every day in her client’s lives. Family is very important to Cailin and she likes to spend as much time with them as possible.

Thank you Cailin for all you do!


Caregiver of the Month of October

Toya, Caregiver of October 2018

Toya, October Caregiver of the Month

Congratulations Toya, our Caregiver of the Month!

“Toya has been very willing to help out the team, picking up extra shifts when needed, and she is always attentive to her clients.” -Paul C.

Thank you Toya for all you do!



September caregiver of the month

Katie, Caregiver of September 2018

Katie, September Caregiver of the Month

Katie has been a caregiver with Right at Home for almost a year. She had experience as a family caregiver prior to joining the Right at Home team. Katie is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in nursing. She plans to obtain a Masters degree and would like to join Doctors Without Borders and eventually work in research. Katie enjoys music, attending concerts, and spending time with friends and loved ones. She is also actively involved with the non profit, Safe Place.

Katie really enjoys the one on one interactions she has by being an in-home caregiver. She likes working for Right at Home and being part of a team that is very supportive.

One of Katie’s clients said this about her, “Katie has become part of our family, she is a pleasure to have and is always very observant and caring.”

Thank you for all you do!

Caregiver of the Month

LaShonda, Caregiver of August 2018

LaShonda, August Caregiver of the Month

"LaShonda is the epitome of reliability. She has not missed a single shift in the last 5 months, and is always willing to support additional needs. We can always count on LaShonda to deliver compassionate care to everyone she encounters. We are so grateful to have LaShonda on our team!" — Ashley C.



Caregiver winning award

Grace A., Caregiver of July 2018

Grace A., July Caregiver of the Month

Grace has been working in homecare as a caregiver for 5 years. She says "I love to help people who need help." That love extends beyond her day to day work. She also sponsors clothing drives to provide clothing for people in need in Ghana. Grace is the mother of 3 children and loves to cook, especially African dishes.

You may hear Grace singing which she finds useful in relieving stress and elevating her mood. She enjoys working for Right at Home and says that she feels encouraged and appreciated by everyone.

"Grace is always pleasant and polite when you talk to her. She is always willing to pick up extra shifts and her clients say that she is not afraid to work hard." — Cindy

Congratulations Grace! Thank you for everything you do!

Caregiver of the Month

Shannon Ferrara, Caregiver of June 2018

Shannon Ferrara, June Caregiver of the Month

"Shannon has a huge heart and has gone above and beyond for her clients. When a client of hers was hospitalized she was very quick to jump in and help with our other clients because she understands that there is always someone that needs the help of our caregivers." Amanda W.

Congratulations Shannon Ferrara! Thank you for all you do.



May Caregiver of the Month

Channing Germany, Caregiver of May 2018

Channing Germany, May Caregiver of the Month

Channing joined Right at Home since April 2017. She had previous experience as a caregiver in a group home where she quickly bonded with clients and discovered a passion for caring for others. She enjoys being able to enrich lives everyday and knows she is making a difference every time her clients tell her how much they appreciate what she does for them. Channing has 3 children that are her primary motivation. They enjoy spending time together taking nature walks and playing at the park along with other activities. She is also in nursing school with the goal of becoming an RN.

“Channing is steady as a rock. She has a very calm and even temperament that clients adore, and she finds small ways to connect with each and every one. She never misses a shift and often fills in short notice to support the greater team. She will appropriately challenge when she sees something wrong, so we can course correct. Channing is an absolute professional.” Steve G.

Thank you Channing for your hard work, focus, and dedication.

Caregiver of the Month

Yvette Pichardo, Caregiver of April 2018

Meet Yvette Pichardo, April Caregiver of the Month

Yvette has been a caregiver since 2000 and has been with Right at Home since October 2017. She enjoys working in the homecare setting. Yvette always liked to help people. In her own words, “It’s a good feeling when I can help someone. It makes my heart glow.”

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family. They like to attend baseball games, picnics, and family gatherings.


Anisha Butler, Caregiver of the Month of May

Anisha Butler, Caregiver of March 2018

Meet Anisha Butler, March Caregiver of the Month

Anisha Butler has been a caregiver for 14 years. Caregiving seems to be in her blood. She has several family members who have been caregivers, including her grandmother who helped fuel Anisha’s passion for caring for others. She has worked in nursing homes, rehabs, and homecare. She prefers homecare because of the 1 on 1 interaction she has with her clients.

Anisha feels she can connect emotionally and spiritually with her homecare clients because she has time to commit to each individual. She enjoys working for Right at Home because she says it feels like a family and she feels appreciated and acknowledged by everyone.

In her free time, she likes reading, cooking, particularly in a Caribbean style, and feeding the homeless. Thank you Anisha for all you do and for sharing your huge heart with the world!

"Anisha takes her role as a caregiver very seriously. She focuses on ensuring our clients and their families are comfortable in their home. Anisha will do the little extras to make her client's day better." — Ashley, Care Director

Caregiver of the Month February 2018

Angela Bartholomew, Caregiver of February 2018

Meet Angela Bartholomew, February Caregiver of the Month

Angela has four years of experience as a caregiver and has been with Right at Home for almost a year. One of the things she enjoys most about working here is the sense of family she feels among staff.

Angela knows first hand how difficult it is when a loved one doesn’t receive the care they need. She became a caregiver to ensure other families would be able to have care for their loved ones. She enjoys meeting people, learning about them, and sharing personal stories. Angela finds it very rewarding to know she made a positive impact on another person’s day by being there for them. Outside work, Angela serves as the Girl Scout troop leader for her 7 year old daughter, Gianna. She also enjoys watching TV.

Thank you Angela for sharing your smile and positive attitude and for all you do for others everyday.

Caregiver of the Month of December

Jada Davis, Caregiver of December 2017

Meet Jada Davis, December Caregiver of the Month

Jada Davis has been with Right at Home for more than a year. She first discovered an interest in caring for seniors while helping her grandmother. The most rewarding part of caregiving for her is the bond that she forms with clients by spending so much time with them.

Outside of work, Jada enjoys going to the movies, having dinner with friends, and being pampered at the nail salon. She plans to continue her education and become an LPN. Jada finds that maintaining a positive attitude and remembering to put her clients needs first keeps her from getting stressed on the job.

Thank you for all you do, Jada!

Kelvin Garner - Caregiver of the Month of November 2017

Kelvin Garner, Caregiver of November 2017

Meet Kelvin Garner, November Caregiver of the Month

Kelvin started working at Right at Home in 2016 after learning about us from a friend and fellow caregiver. Helping others has always come naturally to him and he enjoys doing it for a living. He finds the bond he has developed with clients to be particularly rewarding.

Outside of work, Kelvin is a busy father of 4 children. He also likes playing football in a local league. Prior to becoming a caregiver, he played for the Western PA Wildcatz semi pro football team.

We are grateful to have Kelvin on our team. Thank you for all you do every day!

Nicole Spence

Nicole "Nikki" Spence, Caregiver of October 2017

"I am very happy at the job. The Right at Home staff is great."  - Nikki Spence

Meet Nicole "Nikki" Spence, October Caregiver of the Month

Nikki is a CNA and has been a caregiver for 13 years. She joined Right at Home in March.

Prior to that, she worked in nursing homes and was a caregiver for her mother while she was sick with cancer. She finds the one on one interaction she has with clients in home care to be very rewarding.

Nikki and her husband have been together 24 years. Outside of work, she enjoys movies and dining out.

Caregiver of the Month of September 2017

Keli Mashman, Caregiver of September 2017

"I love my job! I feel good at the end of the day knowing i was able to care for someone and keep them safe and clean."  - Keli Mashman

Meet Caregiver of the Month of September, Keli Mashman

Keli has been with Right at Home for 1 year. She brings several years of experience as a caregiver as well as years of experience working in medical offices and as a Physical and Occupational Therapy aide.

Her first experience with a caregiver came while her grandmother was ill with cancer. Keli loves caring for others and finds fulfillment knowing that she is able to help another person and keep them safe.

In her spare time, she enjoys being on a Harley and participating in bike runs that benefit children, veterans, and breast cancer organizations. She is also active with the West End Ladies Auxiliary.

Right At Home gave excellent service for my mother. As the needs increased, the agency was excellent in providing qualified caregivers. - Evan

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