How to Look for Signs of Dementia During the Pandemic

Chicago CBS News ClipNovember was National Alzheimer's Awareness Month. WBBM CBS' "Morning Insiders" takes us into the world of dementia and home care for your loved ones. The coronavirus pandemic is preventing many people from seeing mom or dad, grandma or grandpa. And it is scary to think this, but those visits might have been helpful to notice your loved one's deteriorating cognitive health. Home care expert and Right at Home owner Heather Lantry helps people experience life with dementia. Using dark glasses, thick gloves, and a headset that sounds like five news channels on at once helps simulate what it feels like having Dementia. Awareness of what it feels like helps people understand the challenges their loved ones may face, and highlights the need for support and home care.

Watch the full "Morning Insiders" news segment for more insightful information about Dementia.

H. Lantry
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