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Training and Continuing Education

Right at Home Training

Once you become a Right at Home caregiver, you'll go through an orientation process to learn our policies and procedures. And every time you're matched with a new client, you'll have an orientation on that client's Custom Care Plan and the specifics of their care. You'll also have continuous training both in-person and through Right at Home University to become the best caregiver possible.

Right at Home University is a web-based seminar series that covers a wide range of topics delivered throughout your career with Right at Home from their first day during the onboarding process and every month thereafter. You also have the opportunity to explore certain training topics in more depth.

  • Techniques on providing your clients with the best care possible
  • Communication skills to enhance the relationship with your client
  • Safety/risk management
  • Understanding special care needs for those with specific diseases or disorders

New Hire Training Requirements - 16hrs

Office Workstation Session 1

  • Orientation Video
  • HIPAA and Client Rights - Care105
  • CoreValues/Teamwork - care101
  • Personal Care - Care 123
  • Observation, Reporting and Recording - Care 127
  • Alzbetter™ Quickstart (Part 1 & 2)

Office Workstation Session 2

  • Recognizing/Reporting Elder Abuse - Abus103
  • Listening, Focusing on the Client - Comm103
  • Using a Mechanical lift - VBTP111
  • Medical Emergencies - VBTP122
  • A Guide to Being a Companion Homemaker, Safety and Housekeeping VBTP113
  • Alzbetter™ Quickstart (Part 3)
  • Learn out Use QOL Tool

Classroom Session (5hrs)

  • Dementia Live Experience™
  • Compassionate Touch Experience™
  • Flashback™ Exercise and Caring Cards/Life Journal
  • Applying Concepts to Care of Client


Annual Training Part 1 - 5hrs

Nov 17 - Elder Abuse - Care107*

  • Alzbetter™ Lecture Series 1 thru 5

Dec 17 - Development Disabilities

  • Alzbetter™ Lecture Series 6 thru 10

Jan - Diagnosis and Caregiver Role Alz. - 104*

  • Alzbetter™ Lecture Series 11 thru 16

Feb - Fire Emergencies - Safe101*

March-Taking Care of you, Avoiding Burnout-ACS308

  • Alzbetter™ Right/Wrong Series 1st thru 5th

April - Ethics and Personal Rights - Care103*

May - Helping Families Cope - Alz104

  • Alzbetter™ Right/Wrong Series 6th thru 10th

June - Promoting Successful Nutrition - Food103

July - Core Values/Teamwork - Care101*

Aug - Responding to Emergencies, Gas, Explosion and Power Outage - Safe104

Sept - HIPAA/Client Rights - Care105*

Oct - Personal Care - Care123*

Nov - Elder Abuse - Care107*

Dec - Alzheimer's Caregiving Tips, Exercise and Physical Activity - TIPS108

* Repeat 7 courses annually per IDPH

Annual Training Part 2 - 20hrs

Nov 17 - End of Life Care - Care128

Dec - Courtesy, Beyond Politeness - Comm101

Jan - Promoting Successful Nutrition - Food103

Feb - Alzbetter™ Video Series, Caregiver Program and Dementia Overview (2hrs)

Mar - Grief and Loss, Care Team and Family - Deat101

April - Alzbetter™ Video Series, Right/Wrong Part 1 (2hrs)

May - Be There, People Come First - Comm102

June - Alzbetter™ Video Series, Right/Wrong Part 2 (2hrs)

July - Nutrition Guidelines and Hygiene - Food101

Aug - Care Goals at End of Life - Deat101

Sept - Stress and healing, The Magic of Therapeutic Communication - Comm107

Oct - Nutrition and Meal Preparation for Older Adults - VBTP114

Nov - Boundaries in Home Care and Hospice - Care137

Dec - Caregiver Wellness - VBTP109

Classroom Session (5hrs)

  • Ageless Grace™
  • Accompanying the Dying™
  • Applying Concepts to Care of Clients


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