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"Our caregiver, Jenny is wonderful for my 94 yr old mother. Jenny is cheerful, kind, efficient, concerned, and encourages my mother to join in daily activity. Jenny communicates with me making good suggestions for improvement (shower chair). I believe Jenny has enhanced my mother's health, safety, and happiness. Thank you for this peace of mind - I live 500+ miles away." - Mary Lee ★★★★★

"Very great home care service and help for me. I thank my girls for the care and being kind to an old man. Very helpful and professional to work with. On time and reliable to be here for me. Very hard workers and they do cooking too." - William ★★★★★

"Great people, great service. My mom was a difficult case and they stuck with her." - Vicky ★★★★★

"It is my pleasure to write to you about Diane, our home health aide. As the wife of her client, I am so relieved to know that my husband is in her kind hands when I leave for work. Diane is just the right amount of 'doing' without taking over our home. She lets Mike 'lead' what he wants/needs to do on each of her visits and helps him wholeheartedly. Diane is thoughtful as she carefully watches over Mike. She encourages him while he completes his assigned exercises." - Mike's Wife ★★★★★

"I can’t say enough good things about Right at Home. My blind, wheelchair bound father found himself in the hospital without even the ability to get himself a sip of water. The Right at Home caregivers were there for him, helping with the little things and advocating on his behalf with the big things. A home health aide rode back with him and stayed with him at home while he recovered. I highly recommend this home care service." - Dr. L ★★★★★

"Can't recommend a better service. Our caregiver does a great job. We find Right at Home almost like family. We don't feel like the caregivers are strangers. They are great helpers, multi-talented cooks, cleaners and drivers. They are versatile and they match the skills to my needs. They make me feel like the most important person in the house." - Patricia ★★★★★

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"You have all done a simply marvelous job helping my mom. Details of her medical appointment yesterday are below. Our family are very grateful to you!" [I was delighted to go to your mother’s cardiology appointment with her on behalf of CareLink this morning to see Dr. George. I arrived at the same time as Jane along with her aide Kristen. During our time in the waiting area, Kristen brought along snacks and fed Jane peach yogurt. Jane had a nice appetite. Kristen was very attentive to her and had her sitting up nice and straight in her wheelchair. She gave the Nursing Home nurse's notes to the office nurse. - Cardiology Nurse]" - Stephen in Mason, Ohio ★★★★★

"First, I would like to thank your agency and especially Justin for helping us out in our time of need with such short notice. Justin was wonderful and made things move much smoother than they would have without him, he was able to talk to Don and keep him calm, and was great help when the ambulance and police came. If he was not there I think things would not have gone smoothly at all. Justin went above his duty coming in to help even though he had just worked a shift and he initially said he could only stay until 8, but rearranged his schedule so he could stay longer so we could get Don to the hospital without incident. So, thank him for us. Right now, Don is in the hospital today and the plan is to have him discharged to assisted living for a little while. We will be in contact soon when things get settled in, to possibly do some caregiver visits so Don can do his running or other activities. " - Stephanie in Cincinnati Ohio  ★★★★★

"I had a wonderful visit with your mother today, she was in terrific spirits, she was entertaining several of her friends, residents, and staff members in the great room. Marna was her caregiver today, she is always so good with Jane by keeping her engaged with others, reminiscing, etc.. Jane was talking about Joe getting remarried and telling us about her wedding. Many here tell me how much they like her caregiver and how well she works with your mother. I will let Valorie know. Jane has been talkative all day, she was beaming, smiling, telling jokes." - Laura in Mason, Ohio  ★★★★★

"Sarah, both Bunny and I want to thank you for putting up with me for the past several weeks. We truly appreciate it. " - Bob in Kentucky  ★★★★★

"Hi all, just wanted to send you a quick note of appreciation for the gals making Sandy’s Saturday trip to Krohn Conservatory particularly nice. In addition to touring the Conservatory, they took it upon themselves to walk sandy down to Mirror Lake so she could see the ducks. She thoroughly enjoyed it (“this was a great idea” is what she told Vanessa). These outings are my mom’s only connection to the outside would—when the aides take it upon themselves to actively engage in activity instead of just push her wheelchair around, it makes a huge difference. Kudos to Jessica and Vanessa!" - Sandy in Cincinnati, Ohio ★★★★★

"Dear Justin, thank you so much for putting your own life and plans on hold on Sunday to come help with my dad. Without you I am sure things wouldn’t have gone so smoothly. We are so grateful to you. Thanks again." - Tjoeng in Covington, Kentucky ★★★★★

"Tony, may the spirit of the risen Christ live within you now and always. Have a blessed Easter. This is way past due but I hope you will accept it in the spirit of gratitude that is give. Our brothers are grateful for the care Valorie and the Right at Home caregivers gave to brother James in November and December. We were very delighted with all that was done for him. Brother James appreciate now being around folks his own age. The care at Carnell Manor is terrific unfortunately he now has heart issues the Alzheimer’s and dementia he’s trying to make the best of “things.” God bless you and all who work with you. May you have a grand Easter. " - Brother Ed in Covington, Kentucky ★★★★★

"I just want to take the time say I to say thank you for showing such exemplary work. Mary, you are a such great aide. You have the best heart for the job. You are a hard worker and vert dedicated to taking care of the clients. " - Client in Cincinnati, Ohio ★★★★★

"With many thanks to you for your kindness, Thank all of you so much for the wonderful chimes. We really loved having you for a caregiving agency. You’re all terrific!" - Love Jan-Abe and Robin in Cincinnati, Ohio ★★★★★

"My dad is flourishing, looking well, and getting great care from Barb, so massive kudos there. He has put on weight and really likes Barb." - Client in Cincinnati, Ohio ★★★★★

"Steve was amazed when he came home and Lydia was happy and relaxed as he has ever seen her. Mike said that every aide we have sent has been wonderful but the fact that we amazed Steve is a big deal! I thanked Felicia and told her as much. Wanted to share." - Client in Cincinnati Ohio ★★★★★

"My mother has been using in-home caregivers through Right at Home for approximately one year. We have been very satisfied with the caregivers that have been sent to help care for Mom. We are comfortable knowing that she is in good hands." - Mary ★★★★★

"Right at Home makes sure that the job gets done. The services from Right at Home make it easier on the family because there is someone else to depend on. Without Right at Home, it would be up to us to do everything that my mom needs." - Duane ★★★★★

"Right at Home is very accommodating, even at the last minute. They do magic and they manage to do whatever I need done. Right at Home has made life easier for me by accommodating me without much fuss. I have particular hours that are strange, and they accommodate exactly what I need." - Francoise ★★★★★

"I would tell a friend that the caregivers from Right at Home are reliable, come on time, and leave when I ask. I am 85 years old and am on oxygen 24/7. I have to do a lot of exercises because I hurt. I am pleased with the way that Right at Home performs their services." - Pat ★★★★★

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