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Published By Nicole Majors on June 20, 2017

Dr.  Deborah Hellums of Right at Home Clarksville TN

As a result of Dr. Hellums acumen in geriatric issues, she was asked by the local paper to share insights regarding how to have a conversation with an aging driver.

Below, are a few of the insights that she shared.

  • Advanced chronological age is not reason alone to stop driving.
  • A physician visit can determine whether or not someone is fit to drive.
  • Some factors a physician considers include, vision and hearing, decreased neurological and cognitive abilities, the muscular-skeleton system, and current medication regimen.
  • Loved ones should have an ongoing conversation with their senior that evolves over time, and not one that starts with, “You need to stop driving!”
  • Show concern and compassion and begin the discussion about alternative means of transportation.

To read the entire The Leaf Chronicle article click here. For more, contact Dr. Hellums through Right at Home of Clarksville, TN at 931-896-2682 , 130 Hillcrest Drive, Suite 106.

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