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Experienced Local Leaders with Healthcare Backgrounds

Your local Right at Home office in Clermont, FL is locally owned and operated by Glenn and Emily Fechtenburg. Glenn and Emily sincerely believe in making a difference in the community where they live. By combining their knowledge, background, skills and experience, they will strive to make Right at Home your number one choice for home care in this community.

Glenn Fechtenburg, Owner

Glenn Fechtenburg

Glenn is a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and has extensive experience in Senior Adult Care. Glenn advanced his career by accepting a position in hospital administration and obtaining an MBA from the University of Central Florida. In his role as a hospital administrator, he became more acutely aware of the gap in patient care after discharge from the hospital. He knew he wanted to do something to make a greater difference in the community and improve the quality of care for patients once they returned home. His passions include helping seniors remain healthy and independent in the comfort of their own home.

Emily Fechtenburg, Owner

Emily Fechtenburg

Emily has degrees in Psychology and Radiology. She worked for many years in elder care in an outpatient setting and has applied her education and experience to a management role as well. Emily also has several years of experience in educating healthcare practitioners on techniques to treat adult vascular disease. Emily's experiences in the healthcare field stem from a strong desire to help others as well as personal family experiences where her own elderly family members were able to stay in their homes thanks to the loving care of qualified healthcare professionals.

Tamara Mainhart, Director of Operations & Marketing

Tamara Mainhart

Tamara joined Right at Home in 2015 as a Client Care Coordinator in our Tavares location and is now the Director of Operations & Marketing for the Clermont office. Tamara’s passion, excitement, and dedication make her a wonderful asset to the team. She is excellent at building relationships and always looks for innovative approaches to improve the lives of others.

Tamara prides herself on matching up the right caregiver with the perfect client. The best part of her day is hearing from clients and their families what a positive impact Right at Home has made in their lives.

Tamara feels blessed to have served seniors in her community for over a decade. Her professional background includes working for the Veteran’s Administration and Visiting Nurses Association. She has experience with Assisted Living Communities and of course, home care. Tamara attended Butler County Community College where she majored in Business and Computer Information Systems. She is a Certified Cardiac Technician, a Certified Alzheimer’s Support Group Leader, and Licensed Real Estate Associate. Tamara enjoys her days off by spending time with her children (often at the Disney theme parks) and attending and volunteering with her church.

"Hearing from clients and their families what a positive impact Right at Home has made in their lives is the highlight of my day.” - Tamara

Alexa Trout, Client Care Coordinator

Alexa Trout

Alexa has been in the senior living industry for two years and completed her Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration in May 2019. She is certified in Level I and Level II Dementia Health and Related Disorders and will begin working towards her MBA in Healthcare Administration in early 2020. Alexa is a detail-oriented team player who is passionate about serving seniors and enjoys coming to work every day knowing she can make a difference. She takes pleasure in working for a business that is able to provide care in the comfort of clients’ homes and enjoys talking to the seniors Right at Home serves. When not at work, Alexa loves traveling and going on new adventures with her fiancé, going to the movies with her family, and trying new foods.

“My favorite part of the day is talking to the seniors we serve. Each day they make a difference in my life and it reminds me the purpose of this business.” - Alexa

Kristie Powell, Client Care Coordinator

Kristie Powell

Kristie joined Right at Home in 2018 as a Scheduler and is now the Director of Operations for the Tavares office. She obtained her degree in Business from UCF before spending many years as a successful Staffing and Office Manager, where she honed her skills in human resources and customer service. Kristie is a Program Manager for Dementia and Cognitive Care, providing additional assistance in this are for Right at Home clients and their families. Kristie loves being part of a team that helps make a client’s life easier and less stressful, and appreciates getting to know all of the caregivers she works with at Right at Home. When not working, Kristie enjoys spending time with her family.

“I enjoy talking to all of the caregivers and working with their schedule and getting to know them personally and professionally.” - Kristie

Bethany Shelby, Client Care Coordinator

Bethany Shelby

Before coming to Right at Home, Bethany worked extensively in sales and customer service. She prides herself on being detail-oriented and her ability to get the job done while remaining empathetic and sensitive to her clients’ and their families’ needs. Having helped as a caregiver for her grandmother, Bethany believes it is an honor to help other families feel confident and see that their loved ones are a priority. The best part of her day is speaking with her clients, even if just checking in to see how their day is going. In her free time, Bethany enjoys attending church events, being an active football mom for her son, shopping with her daughter, and being the proud wife of a disabled veteran.

“Right at Home and I share the same values and ethics, it’s a pleasure to work here.” - Bethany

Kiki Donofrio, Client Care Coordinator

Kiki Donofrio

Kiki obtained her Public Relations degree and worked extensively in sales and Real Estate before joining Right at Home in 2018. She loves helping people and feels her ability to work in a fast-paced environment has translated well into her role as Client Care Coordinator at Right at Home, where she says the best part of her day is speaking with a happy client. During her free time, you will likely find Kiki spending time with family and friends, playing cards, at the beach, hiking, or spending time in nature.

“My favorite part of my day is when I speak with a happy client.” - Kiki

Jillian Donnelly, Scheduler

Jillian Donnelly

Jillian has over 15 years of experience working with clients, patients, and family members. She obtained her EMT-B Certification in 2005 and worked on an ambulance and as a scheduler and dispatcher before obtaining her degree as a Registered Nurse in 2013. She is now a Scheduler for Right at Home’s Tavares location, where her clinical, scheduling, and dispatching experience are utilized. Jillian loves interacting with caregivers and prides herself on her ability to get to know them and find clients they match with.

“I have clinical experience as well as scheduling and dispatching in the medical field. I have encountered all situations and loved every single one.” - Jillian

Gabby Castro, Scheduler

Gabby Castro

Before coming to the Right at Home team as a Scheduler, Gabby obtained an Associate’s Degree in Nursing. She loves working in the medical field and intends to work towards getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Administration. Her favorite aspect of working for Right at Home is how there are always new challenges to face and that not every day is exactly the same. Gabby enjoys spending time with her kids, going to the beach, movies, music, and trying new things.

“(My favorite part of the day working for Right at Home) is the new challenges to face and how not every day is exactly the same.” - Gabby

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