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"We have never used a homecare aide before, but a situation was going on that really was getting to be too much for me as caregiver for both my mom and my dad. When I called Right at Home, they came over that same day to assess the situation. The aide who helped us was very responsive and helpful and soon had everything running like a well-oiled machine. She did exercises with my mother, helped her to shower, and made sure my mom was eating her lunch and drinking enough. Dad and mom really enjoy her visits. The entire experience from the great service provided by the caregiver and the office staff support was a very stress-free, easy, and helpful process. Last but not least, it seemed to me to be very affordable for such a high quality of care." - Beverly ★★★★★

"Anita visits with me for fellowship four out of five days. I was feeling low about my health and she helped ‘pick me up’ with her enthusiasm and laughter. She challenges me and helps me gain perspective. Today, we’re going together to a support group. On the fifth day, Gail comes to my house. She is a retired nurse and super knowledgeable about this disease and keeps me on track. Without them I’d be stuck at home feeling blue. Together we fight Parkinsonism.” - Right at Home Client ★★★★★

“Scottalena was awesome. She came right in with a get to work attitude. Asked what needed to be done and took care of everything. The only word that I can use to describe her is professional. Scottalena is a consummate professional.” - Right at Home Client ★★★★★

“I was very pleased when I recommended Right-At Home to a family in my congregation. The director was able to assess the needs of the family, bring in the appropriate caregivers - from lawyer to handyman, from social worker to drivers. The family was, in turn, very pleased with the support that they received. When it became time to move to an assisted care facility, Right-At-Home was right by their side and made the move that much easier, and continues to provide needed assistance.” - Right at Home Client ★★★★★

"Everything is fine. The help is on time and does everything that needs to be done. Taking care of my pets and helping with them. I would recommend them." - Deanne ★★★★★

"They were very caring and helpful. Prompt to reply and thorough in their approach. The caregivers were exceptional. Can't recommend highly enough." - Steve ★★★★★

"My caregiver is so compassionate. She was so much help. She went above and beyond. Right at Home is a wonderful company and their employees are professional, hardworking and always looking to help where we need them. We would use them again and would recommend them to anyone." - Minnie ★★★★★

"We had a good fit with the caregiver. She was a perfect fit for us. Shelly understands what we need and picked up on where everything is in the kitchen quickly. Communication between us is excellent. She is a real winner. I feel she is someone to look forward seeing again." - Dr. Abe C.★★★★★

"Your ladies are all accommodating and well-trained. They'll do anything you ask. Lashen took me to the hairdresser and market. She makes great pot roast in the crock pot. It just falls and melts in your mouth with onions and potatoes." - Kathleen ★★★★★

"I love the way Adreanna interacts with my mom. The have fun together. She is so nice and hard working. She's always on time which is really important. She is just so lovely and really very charming." - Amy ★★★★★

"Staff is always on time and they dress appropriately. They are caring and compassionate. They are also well-trained to care for our residents." - Fran ★★★★★

"They are top-notch. Everyone on the team is extremely nice and very attentive. We love to see the owners so actively involved and visiting us." - Elizabeth ★★★★★

"The gals provide great company for the infirmed and much relief to the caregivers. Thanks!" - Joyce ★★★★★

"Right at Home is fantastic. Very pleased with you!" - Gerri ★★★★★

"I can’t say enough good things about Right at Home. My blind wheelchair bound father found himself in the hospital without even the ability to get himself a sip of water. The Right at Home caregivers were there for him, helping with the little things and advocating on his behalf with the big things. An aide rode back with him and stayed with him at home while he recovered. I highly recommend this service." - Dr. L ★★★★★

"She is really quite good. If Paris or Debbie don't know what to do then they just ask and I don't have to say it again because they remember. They are really quite good. Thank you." - KDD ★★★★★

"Can't recommend a better service. Rashenda does a great job. We find Right at Home almost like family. We don't feel like the caregivers are strangers. They are great helpers, multi-talented cooks, cleaners and drivers. They are versatile and they match the skills to my needs. They make me feel like the most important person in the house." - Patricia ★★★★★

"Ellie the office manager has always been nice to me and made a great match. Olie my caregiver is very helpful and fun to be with. We enjoy each other's company and that makes for a very nice relationship. Right at Home is great. We have no complaints." - SV. ★★★★★

"Shalom and staff has been dependable and caring. Staff works well with our employees to give the best care to our residents. Shalom also volunteers story telling, music and meditation." - Claudette ★★★★★

"Right at Home and Shalom is exceptionally professional as expected but also really warm and caring. Very dependable. When I leave the house I donÕt have to worry how things will go." - Jackie ★★★★★

"Pleasant, professional, dedicated staff and strong advocate for the client." - Renita ★★★★★

"After trial and error, I've found a company that lives up to their name. I feel like I've known them forever. In fact, I feel Right at Home when I'm with them." - GS. ★★★★★

"I have found Right at Home to be very responsive. Elise in the office has been amazing." - MG. ★★★★★

"Right at Home was there for us when we needed assistance quickly. Elise offered great support and excellent communication throughout the process. She helped us stay on top of our loved one’s care when we couldn’t be there." - R.J. ★★★★★

"Shardei did a great job. She was very attentive to my father’s needs and even did more than he was able to articulate. A pro. Thank you." - Rabbi J. ★★★★★

"Right at Home is very convenient. My father's caregiver arranges his appointments and takes him to the doctor. She is kind and responsible. Shalon steps to look in on him and Elise is terrific to work with. I have no suggestion to improve the service that they offer." - Anne ★★★★★

"Sue from Right at Home helped Mom pull through a tough period this weekend. She needed 1 on 1 assistance and Sue was there and Mom responded well. The support physically and spiritually was so helpful." - BJMR ★★★★★

Yashira and Lucille are so very kind and patient. It is clear they love their work because of the way they look after me each day." - Frances ★★★★★

"Janea is very good. I really appreciate how kind she is to my Mom. She is so patient. I plan to request more assistance next week." - Anne F. ★★★★★

"Ollicia was great. She came early and knew what to do, and is quite experienced with special needs. She shaved and washed him and stripped the bed. We will be requesting her by name. Thank you." - Pearl G. ★★★★★

"Your staff are of a much higher quality than the others I've seen. Lucille, Morea, and Pasha are great. I showed them what to do and didn't have to show them again. The best part is they are here to work and don't sit and watch TV or play games on their phone. They are pleasant for sure and very kind. So friendly. Your business will keep growing if you keep finding caregivers like them." - Phillip ★★★★★

Shalom came to meet us and has a way of asking "how can I help" without any pressure. My parents were reluctant to allow anyone in their home. It was like Shalom gave them a bite of a chocolate chip cookie, he is sweet and they took a bite and asked for more service. Now Mom loves it and can't imagine not having La Tosha in their home. We appreciate you." - John ★★★★★

Right at Home help me get my things around town." - Susan ★★★★★

"I like that Right at Home is able to provide a caregiver for my mother who has Alzheimer's. She needs constant reminders on what she needs to do on a daily basis. We needed to make sure that she was eating and drinking enough each day." - Ken R. ★★★★★

"It has been very good with Right at Home. We've been very pleased. They take care of my mother-in-law like what we expected. I have no complaints. Her caregiver is very professional and very good." - Pamela ★★★★★

"I’ve been working with the Plotkin‘s for about two years and it has been such a blessing for my family my clients and I will say this, this is a great place to work and great people to work for. I have a gift for giving, it blesses me and brings me joy when I help my clients to prosper. Its encouraging and meaningful to see progress and positive changes in their Daily lives." - Caregiver Fay ★★★★★

"I have been working for Right at home Cleveland East in Beachwood in Highland Heights for over three years. My pay is good. And they are very attentive when it comes to personal personal issues. They are always open and available and it's easy to get face-to-face with the managers and owners who will help you with any situation. Also the flexibility for my hours is excellent which allows me to give better service to my clients so I can focus on my clients needs. Also we all work as a team to back each other up especially if there is something that's needed for a specific client like gloves or toiletries. One nice thing about the technology they use is that I always get a reminder text before my shift which helps me to be prompt." - Caregiver Joni ★★★★★

"I’ve been working with Right at Home for about four years. They are open and easy to speak with in the office. My pay is good And always what I expect, no more no less. I know my team is looking for more professional caregivers. I really enjoy working with people. I know that I am not getting any younger and I would like this compassionate reliable care and love for myself and my love ones." - Caregiver Anita ★★★★★

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