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What does light housekeeping mean?

A caregiver is present in the home of a client to attend to their needs, and ensure that they have access to a clean, tidy and orderly living area. To achieve this outcome, caregivers spend about 20 percent of their time attending to the housekeeping needs of their clients. Light housekeeping services are for the benefit of the client for whom care is provided, and are not intended to meet the housekeeping needs of family members who also live in the home. The care scenario below describes the light housekeeping services a caregiver might provide to a homecare client on a daily basis.

Janie is a caregiver who is assigned by her agency employer to care for Whitney, an elderly Alzheimer's patient who can do little for herself. She provides care for Whitney from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. On her first day of work, Janie has arrived to a home that is littered with debris, dishes, laundry, boxes and days of old trash. Whitney lives with her daughter's family and is housed in a mother-in-law suite on the lower level that includes a private laundry, kitchen and bath area.

As a caregiver, Janie is only responsible for keeping Whitney's living area clean and tidy. That includes stripping her bed, washing, drying, folding her linens and clothes, cooking and cleaning up after meals and storing dishes, vacuuming her immediate living areas, mopping hard surface floors if there is a spill or noticeable dirt is present, etc. Janie is not authorized to attend to the needs of the entire household by tackling the noticeable needs of the entire household. Janie is responsible for light housekeeping for the benefit of the client for which she provides caregiving services. In a nutshell, light housekeeping is completing the specific tasks required to tidy up areas that a client uses.

There are times when a family caregiver cannot meet the growing demands of their own household, while trying to meet the needs of an elderly or disabled loved one. These situations create a need for heavy housework that caregivers are not able to meet. During these special circumstances, it is appropriate to contract the services of a housekeeping service that is properly trained, licensed and insured to provide those heavy housekeeping duties.

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