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Not only do we strive to provide the best care possible for our clients because we believe in the mission of Right at Home, but we realize how important word of mouth referrals are in the home care industry. The vast majority of new clients are referred to us by current or former clients, as well as friends and family members. Therefore, we work hard every day not only to improve the lives of those we serve, but to earn the highest form of praise in the form of referrals.

Our office works very closely with our Caregivers in order to ensure client satisfaction exceeds industry standards. Three things that we focus on in order to achieve these results are: Caregivers, Care Plans, and Communication. We work hard to recruit, train, and mentor high-quality Caregivers. We want our clients to feel comfortable with the Caregivers we provide, which means we do our best to prepare every Caregiver with the knowledge and skills to be successful in our clients' homes. In order to give our Caregivers instructions on the care we will provide, we develop detailed, client specific Care Plans that make it easy for our Caregivers to follow. Finally, we emphasize the importance of communication. We make ourselves available for our Caregivers to contact at any time, and we ensure an open and evolving dialogue between our clients/families, and our Care Management. Both through visits by our Care Manager, as well as by monitoring client reviews that are collected by an independent third party, we can address any issues that arise and ensure that client satisfaction remains well in excess of industry standards.

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Read what our clients have to say:

"Just knowing that someone is going to be there helping him out with whatever he needs, helps me. Using the family portal is easy to get updates and I read through the book that is there. They leave good notes, and the owner is good. Every time I call, I have been able to talk to them to make accommodations." - Kim / Belleville, IL

"The caregiver does whatever my mom needs her to do and is very helpful, whether they go someplace or stay at home. She is very good to my mom, will help her, and has good personal skills. If we need anything from the office staff we can call and I have never had any problems with that." - Cindy / Granite City, IL

"The caregiver is prompt and caring, and it isn't just a job that you go through the motions. She is pleasant and laughs. She takes my wife for a walk, and when the weather permits, they go outside. They hold hands and dance and sing, and my wife likes the caregiver. I look for someone who does more than mechanically feeding my wife and someone who establishes a relationship with my wife." - Richard / O'Fallon, IL

"They're professional. The supervisor checks in almost every month. There is a great follow up. We've had very good luck with these people. Sometimes, I even have to tell her caregiver to take a break. She is a hard worker. She cleans and baths her, she makes sure she takes her medicine; she is right on top of everything. She is a blessing to us. It takes special people to work with older people and their needs. It is genuine." - Wayne / Collinsville, IL

"I called Right at Home out of the phone book. They answered on a Sunday and it was reasonably priced. They have been really good with my mother and she likes them. They are very attentive, responsible, kind to her, and patient. If someone calls in sick, they have had the manager there. They always have someone there. They are really friendly to my mom and she really likes them. They play games together, go shopping, and sit and have a conversation with her." - Mike / Edwardsville, IL

"Right at Home is a local company and it was recommend. The employees, specifically caregivers, are great. There are very few incidences, it's a well-rounded business. It gives peace of mind knowing their quality of care is the best. There are many caregivers because my mom's care is in two-hour increments; they're always on time and show up to work. They hold my mother’s hand and comfort her. They genuinely care about her. I can tell they have become attached. They are personable. The qualities we appreciate most about the caregivers are that they are patient, loving, and caring." - Jill / Edwardsville, IL

"Right at Home was selected by my son who knew someone in the company. I would be very likely to recommend Right at Home to others and I have before, since the services are very dependable. Their services allow me to run errands while Larry is taken care of. The caregivers show good work ethic by being attentive to Larry and are able to watch Larry and make sure he does not fall. The caregivers talk to Larry and help him feel comfortable. The office staff at Right at Home always is there to call me back and is very helpful." - Judy / Sparta, IL

"Right at Home was super flexible, and I almost needed a caregiver again but worked out and I did not need their services. For my life, it was nice to know my loved one was safe and someone was there for her. The caregivers were only there to help Geneva to the bathroom and watch her while she slept. They arrived at 7 PM and left at 7 AM. The office was so flexible to help me and they were there. The caregivers were cooperative and could communicate with Geneva." - Pam / Collinsville, IL

"Right at Home definitely helped my mom through the loss of her ability to drive. My mom liked the girl that drove her, she said she was a sweet girl. She drove my mom to the Y every morning and then to McDonald's. I liked that their supervisor helped us talk with my mom about taking the keys away. " - Marilyn / Edwardsville, IL

"The assisted living place where my parents lived recommended them and said that the Right at Home's quality is better than other agencies. Right at Home is reliable, professional, and flexible with scheduling. Their impact is very important. The caregivers are reliable and they show up on time. They are willing to do whatever they are asked and they are very kind and loving. I think it's important to have good communication and the plan of care needs to be communicated well. I think the supervisors are good in that role. If there is a problem, I hear from the supervisor quickly. Last week I got a call from the supervisor because she was concerned about my mother because she was showing some confusion. I like that the caregivers are reliable, compassionate, and professional. I have already recommend two friends of mine that may need home care." - Rita / O'Fallon, IL

"I am very comfortable with Right at Home. They are here when I need them. They bathe me and cook for me. They make sure I do my exercises. They are here to help and they help. I am very happy with them. They take care of things without me having to tell them. Most of them are moms so that is how they treat me. That is the only way I can put it. It is a one-on-one on basis. I like the fact that they are here. I am very happy with them and I let people know that." - Corrine / Waterloo, IL

"I would refer others to Right at Home because they were always on time and were attentive. Right at Home's caregivers basically sat with my mother, but I do know that they could have provide more services, like cooking and cleaning, had my mother required it. The caregivers were always on time and attentive. The caregivers sat with my mother, and all they had to do was to be there with my mother. They watched her 24-hours per day. They helped her to go to the bathroom. The caregivers were all very good to my mother. The office staff with Right at Home were outstanding." - Gordon / Collinsville, IL

"Right at Home took very good care of my loved one, and watched him closely when they came through the night and the day. The caregivers were always checking on my loved one. Kaylee was awesome. She always kept an eye on him and asked if he needed help with anything. She was exceptional. They didn't just take care of him but were concerned and caring about him as a person. The caregivers checked on my loved one frequently. The afternoon shift group would even sometimes get dinner started for me, which was helpful. They're very caring people." - Margaret / Waterloo, IL

"Right at Home was selected for me. I had fallen and broke my leg, the residency set up services for me. Right at Home is very good and very considerate. They've been great for me. They are great at helping me with errands, shopping, and just assisting me in my daily life. Right at Home's caregivers are polite, do what needs to be done, and are punctual. My caregivers always make sure that everything is completed before they leave. When they do leave, they ask me if there's anything else I need before they go. Right at Home's caregivers always come in smiling and do things that they know will make my life easier." - Sharon / Edwardsville, IL

"Right at Home is very caring. Right at Home fed my loved one and took care of his daily needs. The caregivers gave Jack constant attention. The caregivers showed they cared by being patient with Jack. The office staff was always there whenever I called." - Paula / Smithton, IL

"I chose Right at Home because my other company didn't have enough staff to be with me. The caregivers are friendly, helpful, and do a good job. They help me with all my shopping, housekeeping, and give me showers. The office staff is excellent because they have been able to find solutions to my problems. Right at Home matches the caregivers and I well because we seem to work well together." - Charles / Granite City, IL


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