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In 1924 The Duke Endowment was conceived and to date has awarded over $3.2 billion in grants with the purpose of strengthening communities in North Carolina and South Carolina. Through The Duke Endowment with assistance from the Fullerton Foundation the Transitional Care Program was developed.

The Transitional Care Program focuses on keeping readmission rates to hospitals low. Readmission rates range from one out of every three to one out of every five patients being readmitted based on reason for admittance, previous health issues, and lifestyle changes. The cost of healthcare becomes even more daunting for people when the threat of another hospital stay is there. The Transitional Care Program approached readmission reduction in a person's home rather than during costly hospital stays.

"One in five Medicare patients who leave a hospital will be readmitted within 30 days." - Department of Health and Human Services

Most of these readmissions are preventable with a little help. Right at Home provides non-medical in-home care and assistance. By joining with The Duke Endowment Right at Home provided care for four hours a day for six weeks. The in-home services provided were daily tasks and well as developing strategies that allowed for people to better maintain their independence by effectively caring for themselves.

The four hours a day, five times per week transitional program took place over a two year period. During that time more than 300 people were provided with home care services through Right at Home. The results showed staggering results. Patients participating in the Right at Home program had a readmission rate of just 10 percent, compared to the 25 percent national readmission rate. In addition to reducing readmissions, the partnership with Right at Home could also contribute to medical cost reductions, according to the news release.

Right at Home continues to seek new ways to improve the quality of life of those we serve while empowering seniors to keep their independence. Grace Arnold was an active participant in the Transitional Care Program. She received in-home care services funded by The Duke Endowment and it made a difference in her recovery.

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