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Two Powerful Tools for Seniors at Home

At Right at Home Greater Columbus, we are inviting those we serve to express gratitude and focus on the joy that will come to improve the quality of their lives and strengthen them at this time.

The Price of Mortality

No one escapes this life without hardships and trials, in many cases quite severe. How we get through trials and how we help others through them are defining moments in our lives. 

The Amazing Power of Gratitude

One of the most important things we have found for seniors to stay healthy and well at home is the regular expression of gratitude.

Right at Home Works with Senior Fitness Experts to Develop a Breakthrough Daily Movement Program for Seniors

Right at Home Greater Columbus is thrilled to announce a breakthrough daily movement program to improve the quality of life for adults and seniors. The RightCare Daily Movement program fits easily into an adult lifestyle while promising extraordinary results for all ability levels with particular benefit for those with Parkinson’s, dementia, recent illness or injury or arthritis and joint pain.

cognitive change

Right at Home Cognitive Support Program - Results

As the decline occurs, whether due to dementia, Alzheimer’s or injury, loved ones tend to withdraw and their family members often do not know how to adapt to their new normal. To address these issues and improve the quality of life of those we serve, we launched Right at Home Columbus's Cognitive Support Program. Here are some of our recent success stories.

No Success Compensates for Failure at Home

Life is more joyful when things are good at home. How we work with our elders is one of the most important things we do as individuals and as a society.

JP skydiving


Yesterday my eldest daughter and I went skydiving for her birthday. I was not looking forward to it.

BINGO Should Be Fun, Right?

If any of you have called BINGO at a senior facility you will know how tough it can be. BINGO is serious business and any mistake or deviation from the norm is generally not well received.