The Price of Mortality

In the Washington DC area a 12 year old boy contracted AIDS though a blood transfusion, something that is very rare. Some of his friends suggested that he must have done something wrong to have this happen to him. Others suggested that he must be a very special young man to be going through this. But when asked, he said that he did not feel he was particularly bad, nor did he feel he was particularly good. He felt this was happening to him because it was simply the price of mortality.

In my experience no one escapes this life without hardships and trials, in many cases quite severe. How we get through trials and how we help others through them are defining moments in our lives. We at Right at Home, hope to be able help as many others as we can and to be able to endure this time well. We, like many of you, are grateful for the opportunity to assist and are grateful to be in this profession.

Please let us know if there is anything you or a loved one needs during this time.

Right at Home Overview

Right at Home of Central Ohio, is a private duty, non-medical home health care agency serving greater Columbus for over 19 years. We provide companion and personal care and offer several proprietary programs to improve the quality of life of those we serve. Our specialty programs include:

  • 24/7 Care
  • RightCare Dementia & Cognitive Support
  • RightCare Daily Movement
  • Rehab & Recovery Support
  • Independent Living with Services
  • Family and Caregiver Training and Certification programs

You can reach us at (614) 734-1110.

JP Valiulis
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