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JP skydiving
Published By JP Valiulis on October 07, 2019


Falling from the sky.Yesterday my eldest daughter and I went skydiving for her birthday. I was not looking forward to it. As we got in the plane and took off and climbed for several minutes, I thought I can do this. Then the instructor said we were only at 5000 feet and we had another 8500 feet to go before we dropped at 13,500 feet. Not good.

In the plane, they told us some simple mechanics or steps to do to make sure the tandem jump went well. I decided to focus only on doing those mechanics really well and not worrying about anything else. It’s all I could control anyway. As we got to the jump area and leaned out of the plane, it was very scary. I did the mechanics, not even particularly well, but we jumped. After about 1-2 seconds of fear, the free fall was amazing. It was very comfortable and a lot of fun, even relaxing. After we pulled the shoot, we had a wonderful glide down with lots of fun turns and spins.

From this and other experiences, I have learned if I focus on doing the basics really well, the rest takes care of itself and the experience is a great adventure. I think this applies to taking care of adults and their families. If we work hard to hire well, train and coach rigorously, resolve problems quickly and provide the best possible care we can, things turn out well.

And even though it will be scary at times, the ride will be a great adventure. The scary part only lasts a short period of time and pales in comparison to the overall experience.

Let us know how we can help you or a loved one in need of care at home, where ever home may be.

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