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Published By JP Valiulis on December 05, 2018

What Makes a Great Caregiver?

Saturday afternoon Melody L. went to the hospital to visit her client. She also picked her up from the hospital several days later and helped her get settled in her home.  For another client Melody L. spent hours helping her organize her home in preparation for visitors coming. Mary C arrived at her shift to find her client not well. She consulted with the office and then called the squad to have her hospitalized. Because the client’s family was not available Mary C went with the client and stayed with her for  most of the day until family could come. This all sounds like standard work for a caregiver except in these cases these caregivers were off the clock.  They were donating their time because, to them, these clients had become family.  Each week at Right at Home we witness our caregivers going above and beyond to ensure their clients are safe and well. 

Top Qualities to Seek in a Caregiver

When you’re considering at-home care for a loved one, you want professional caregivers who are thoroughly trained and experienced, but Right at Home notes there are a number of valued characteristics that go beyond job descriptions. What is the caregiver’s personality and temperament? How does the caregiver connect with care clients? Is he or she dependable and steady at working well with others? To provide the best care and assistance, Right at Home recommends looking for the following exemplary qualities in a caregiver.

Outstanding Character: A person’s character is often a blend of their disposition, tone and style. For caregivers, character is modeled through compassion, understanding, sensitivity and caring.

Connects Well With People: It is hard to trust a caregiver who is impersonal or mechanical in caring for your loved one. No one appreciates a caregiver who comes across as bossy or uninterested in the client’s preferences and feelings. When a caregiver creates a winsome connection with clients and their families, everyone benefits.

Community Influencer: Caregivers who are passionate about their work naturally share their enthusiasm with others in the community. They volunteer to serve meals to the homeless or rebuild homes after disasters. Or they just sit a spell with a troubled neighbor.

Strong Team Spirit: Everyone needs someone to cheer them on, especially when dutifully caring for a person’s well-being. Working well with family, other care professionals and other caregivers is critical to providing excellent care for clients.

Pursues Professional Development: A thirst for increasing one’s skills is common among Right at Home caregivers who gain insights into delivering care through certification courses, continuing education classes and online training modules. Knowledge and skill combined with effort and attitude produce extraordinary results.

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