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Caregiver assisting senior during holidays
Published By JP Valiulis on November 21, 2018

Making The Holidays Safe & Wonderful for Seniors

Like all of us seniors need to feel connected and loved over the holidays. Here are some tips from Right at Home to care for seniors:

If you live close by:


  • Malls and shopping can be an overwhelming experience for seniors during the holidays and even pose a “fall” risk with all the hustle and bustle. Right at Home suggests  taking your loved ones shopping to spend time with them and reduce the stress of shopping.Another alternative is to set aside a time to bring dinner over to their home and helping them to shop online. You can even teach them to shop online if appropriate.


  • A huge part of getting into the holiday spirit is simply putting up decorations. Bring kids and family over one night to help decorate your elderly loved ones' homes, including setting up their tree or hanging lights in the bushes outside.


  • Have seniors participate in cooking on Christmas day and let them feel included.
  • A lot of meal preparation can be done sitting at the table so include them in this by putting the rolls on a baking sheet and sprinkling the finishing touches on the stuffing. Things like that can go a long way.

Gift giving

  • Find a photo from your loved one’s past and have it cleaned up and framed. Sometimes these beautiful memories captured in photographs can be buried in boxes. Framing it allows them to re-live it every day and makes for a great gift.
  • Gift a fancy tie or scarf and add a note saying, “we’re going somewhere fancy soon. Wear this on our big day out!” They’ll have an event to look forward to!
  • One of the best gifts for seniors is meaningful time with you and the children. Allowing them to share happy memories and stories from their past is rewarding for them and can have a indelible impact on the children

If you live far away and you will not see them:

Wellness Visits

  • Have a friend or Right at Home caregiver stop by and visit with them. It can be hard to know how they are really doing but a visit to the home and spending time with them reveals a lot. In addition to a wellness check, the friend or caregiver can take them shopping, help decorate or clean their home, and even help them with their holiday shopping.

Reaching Out

  • Double your efforts to reach out to them. This can be more phone calls, sending pictures and letters that arrive daily and of course video calls. Have them share happy stories from their past.

All of these tips are ways to include seniors in the holidays and make sure they are safe and fulfilled. Few things bring more joy this special time of year than brightening up the lives of our seniors.

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