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Right at Home Works with Senior Fitness Experts to Develop a Breakthrough Daily Movement Program for Seniors

Right at Home Greater Columbus is thrilled to announce a breakthrough daily movement program to improve the quality of life for adults and seniors. The RightCare Daily Movement program fits easily into an adult lifestyle while promising extraordinary results for all ability levels with particular benefit for those with Parkinson’s, dementia, recent illness or injury or arthritis and joint pain.

Man with Alzheimer

Right at Home Takes a Look at Low Vision Challenges in Older Adults

February is Low Vision Awareness Month to help foster support, proper treatment and vision rehabilitation for people living with low vision.

Keeping Seniors Safe From Cold

Because skin and blood vessels change with age, older adults face dangers of hypothermia — even indoors. Here are tips for caregivers to help elders stay warm this winter:

Right at Home Caregiver Seated on Bed Reading Book with Elderly Woman

An Easy Way to Boost Health – Smile!

Right at Home caregivers know just how to bring out smiles through shared activities, conversations and memories with your elderly loved ones. And that is something to smile about.

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