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Caring, Professional and Reliable (“CPR”)

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In order for each of us to find fulfillment in our careers and to improve the quality of life of those we serve, we must be Caring, Professional and Reliable. CPR is the heartbeat of and is essential to our work each day.

Caring means that you genuinely care about your clients and put their needs ahead of your own while on shift. It means you do all you can to improve the quality of their lives and ensure the clients and their environment are safe and clean. Caring means that you do all you can to help your clients live full and happy lives.

Professional means that you dress, speak and behave in a way that uplifts and helps your clients and coworkers. Unprofessional behavior reflects poorly on you and Right at Home and hurts clients.

  • Professional dress means that your clothing is clean, neat, and consistent with company policy and that of a health care provider.
  • Professional communication means that you speak respectfully at all times to clients, coworkers and Right at Home staff. We never criticize or speak ill of the company or others in front of clients. We do not discuss controversial topics including race, religion and politics with clients. We do not discuss personal or intimate topics. And any and all concerns should be brought to the attention of the office staff.
  • Professional behavior means that you continue to improve your skills as a caregiver so that you can provide the highest level of care. It means that you follow the care plans, recommend changes if necessary and are fully engaged when with clients and not distracted by personal issues or your phone. It means that you provide the highest level of care. You are a professional caregiver.

Reliable means that you are able to be to trusted - You are on time, you make all your shifts, you do not change your availability last minute, you execute the care plan, and you consistently provide a very high level of care. Reliable means you keep your word.

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