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A caregiver talks to her patient, an elderly woman, while they unpack groceries. A caregiver talks to her patient, an elderly woman, while they unpack groceries.

Our People

Our mission has always been to improve the quality of life for the seniors and adults with disabilities we serve. That means it's always about the people we serve and our dedicated team of companions and office members who work tirelessly to provide support and services for clients. We live and breathe our mission every day, with the goal of helping you navigate the journey.

These are the people who work to bring you and your loved ones the highest caliber of in‑home services.

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Dave and Kim Babcock Owners of Right at Home Darien

With the passing of his father from complications of Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s, and an extended illness with his Mom, Dave’s interest in the in-home service industry began. When his mom was ill several years ago, he and his siblings provided support for her in shifts. During this time, he developed some of the skills and tools that family assistants all possess. He also realized how difficult it is to be a good family homemaker-companion.

It was during this time that he and his family decided they needed some help for their Mom, at least for some period of time. They had great difficulty finding the right, quality companion that was also qualified, and that became a game changer for Dave; he realized this is an industry where he could make an impact. When he discovered Right at Home, he knew he had found a company that truly catered to, and provided needed services for its clients.

Satisfied with his accomplishments leading the family’s business, Five Star Products, Inc., Dave resigned from the company and begin a new journey by acquiring Right at Home in Darien.

david and kim babcock 

Growing up in Fairfield County, Dave has always had a desire to help and contribute to the area’s development. After graduating from Suffield Academy, where he performed community service, he furthered his education at Denison University earning a Bachelor of Science Degree. He is also a graduate of Harvard University’s Graduate School of Business, Owners, Presidents and Managers (OPM) Program.

Through his experiences, Dave has developed a real ease working with seniors, their families, senior living communities, dementia communities, homemakers, doctors, hospital staff, and the like.  Dave has focused much of his time in the business on building awareness of dementia. Dave is a Dementia FriendDementia Champion and he has been certified in Dementia Live training, an experiential training course.

kim babcock 

Kim Babcock runs the Operations for Right at Home. A graduate of Dickinson College and receiving her MBA from Pace University, Kim has many years of experience in running the client services and operations side of Leverte Associates, a health care advertising company located in Westport, CT.

As part of the sandwich generation herself, Kim has played an active role in managing the healthcare needs of both her children and her aging parents so she understands what our clients are facing in trying to find the right care for their loved ones. Being constantly faced with health care issues in her own family, she is committed to helping others navigate the difficult process of deciding what is right for their loved ones.

Her compassion is evident in the many volunteer roles she has held over the years including being a Girl Scout Leader, mentor for the high school fundraising group for the Norma Pfreim Breast Care Center, Ambassador for the Free Wheelchair Mission, and committee member for the Connecticut Alzheimer’s Association's annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s – to name just a few.  Kim has also focused much of her time in the business on building awareness of dementia. Kim is a Dementia Friend, Dementia Champion and she has been certified in Dementia Live training.

Meet Our Incredible Staff

Tina Fort - Scheduling Coordinator

Right at Home Darien, CT Scheduling Coordinator Tina Fort

My name is Tina Fort. I am the Scheduling Coordinator for Right at Home in Darien. I have 6 plus years’ experience in the in-home service field. I attended Manhattan Institute and am a certified Phlebotomy and EKG Technician. I have been a Coordinator as well as a companion for clients, so I understand what clients are looking for and the hard work companions provide. I really love the world of in-home services because it is always nice to know that there are people around that truly are compassionate about others and take their work seriously.

My father is currently in a facility and he means everything to me. He is currently dealing with a partial amputation and had a stroke a few years ago which paralyzed his right side and affected his memory. I am a mother of 4 and I always take my kids to see their grandpa because this puts a smile on his face and helps him remember that he still has family that loves him. On my down time, I enjoy lots of family time, beach days and cosmetology. My goal is to keep a smile on everyone’s face and let them know there are still good people out there that are there for and appreciate them.

Julia Bartholomew - Director of Sales/Marketing

Julia Bartholomew, Director of Sales/Marketing for Right at Home Darien, CT 

Julia is happily concentrating on her career in the senior living and senior services industry. Helping seniors and their families continues to give her great satisfaction and joy. In her spare time, Julia loves inviting her son and his wife for a home cooked dinner (as long as they clean up!), reading, going to the beach, being with best friends from her childhood in Irvington, NY, and keeping her cat, Toni, happy (a full-time job!).

Welcome Aboard Julia!!

Laurie Joyner - Administrative Assistant

Laurie Joyner, Administrative Assistant at Right at Home Darien, CT 

Laurie has over fifteen years of experience working as a Human Resources Representative in Home services. Laurie got into the companion services business to help improve the lives of our seniors. Laurie enjoys spending time with family and friends. Laurie’s amazing personality and office management skills have become an integral part of the family we have built.

Welcome Aboard Laurie!!

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