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JD and Nicole Woolsey, Owners

"JD and I’s story is almost like a fairy tale. JD and I met in high school at the ages of 13 and 15. We were friends for quite some time and then began to date. We were young and in love and thought we could conquer the world. We both went on to live separate lives, however. JD had a son Hayden and was married. I too got married and had a son Zachary. My marriage ended, so I was a single mom at the age of 21 until the age of 32 when I was with who I thought was going to be my husband. We had a daughter named Zoie. Her father and I never married and eventually went our own ways.

JD remained married and was married for 13 years when he lost his wife suddenly. JD and I had run into each other off and on for 20 years with a simple hello and how are you and then on our way. When I had heard the news of his wife’s passing my heart sank. I reached out to JD to be a friend for him to talk to. Eventually, JD and I started talking more about the past, the future and our children. My mom still had my promise ring JD had given me all those years ago. We got married August 7, 2015 on my grandparents wedding anniversary. We chose this special day to honor my grandfather who had passed away and my grandmother, a woman full of wisdom and love, who means the world to both JD and I. 

Woolsey Family 

We have three beautiful children: Hayden, 18, Zachary, 17 and our little Angel Zoie, 4, whom JD is now the proud father of after adopting her a year ago. Hayden goes to college works a full time job and is an amazing baseball player. Zachary is our huge teddy bear. Being six foot tall and 280 pounds, he is a monster on the football field, but will be the first to pick the other player up. He will graduate next year and is looking into being a fireman. A field that he can help people in is a field he wants to be in. And then there is our sassy, smart, loving and fun little girl Zoie. She is full of energy. She can make anyone smile. She is the light of our family.

We enjoy the good and get through the bad together. We also have to be honest in that we feel the Lord is a big part in our family and all we do. JD and I have always felt a great sense that we were meant to help people. Our children have grown up the same way. JD and I strive to show our children what hard work, dedication and a loving heart can do in their lives and the lives of others.

Our family loves to attend church and be as active in the church as we can. We love to be with our family whether that is game night, movie night or just a good old fashioned barbeque. We love to do anything outdoors. Fishing, hunting and camping. We are a family that will try and go anywhere at least once. We recently had an opportunity to take our children on a vacation to Hawaii to celebrate our wedding and JD’s parent’s 50th. It was pretty neat being a single mom for so many years to look at the ocean with my son for the very first time. It's these memories that will never be forgotten.

So that is our family. We are very proud of our children (as all parent’s are). Family is the most important thing in our lives and always will be.

We still work on creating our story each and everyday. And this is just one of the many chapters we hope to continue to write. And maybe be a page in someone else's book of their story." - Nicole Woolsey

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