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Meet Our Owner and Care Staff

Claudine Marosi

Claudine Marosi - Owner

From the time I was in 11th grade, I knew I wanted to pursue accounting as a career. My education is as follows: Associates degree from Oakland Community College in Business; Bachelor’s Degree from Walsh College in Accounting; Masters of Science (in professional accounting) from Walsh College.

I was born and raised on West Bloomfield Michigan, where my parents, who came to this country from Europe, owned a tool and die shop. I am the youngest of three kids. I have a sister who lives in New Jersey and a brother who lives in Grand Rapids. I have lived in Michigan my entire life. I have a daughter, Toni, who is 20 years old and is studying Marketing. I live with my 2 dogs, Bella (a French mastiff) and Shelby (a miniature schnauzer) and my fiance Scott. I enjoy exercising, boating, snowmobiling and being with great friends.

While attending college, I worked at a bakery. I would get up at 3am, open the store, and leave at noon to go to class. I started my professional career out working in the food industry, primarily produce. I worked at a Banana House in the eastern market. I started out as an inventory clerk to accounts payable and eventually Controller. It was an invaluable experience and luckily, I also met my mentor during this time. If it weren’t for her, I probably would not have been as driven or successful. I remained in the “food” world for about 12 years, where I ended as the Controller of a Grocery Store Chain. Unfortunately, with the ever changing economy, the stores went out of business and forced me to a new industry.

I was hired as the Business Manager of the great lakes division of an orthopedic implant company. Zimmer Great Lakes sold orthopedic replacement parts (hips, knees, elbows, shoulders, plates and screws). ZGL was a sole distributor of implants for a 5 billion dollar global corporation, Zimmer. My role, along with my responsibilities, continued to grow until I was promoted to Vice President of Finance and Compliance Officer. In 2013, when the president announced he was retiring, I took the opportunity to think about becoming an entrepreneur. Although I had a wonderful career, I was tired of being “behind the desk”. I wanted to build something from the ground up and make it mine. I had been tossing the idea around for quite some time and this as a “sign”.

I spent months researching business. Locally owned businesses, franchises…everything. Nothing really appealed to me until one day I was on a franchise website and saw Right At Home listed. As I researched the company, I became more intrigued. During a time when my aging mother was not doing well, it felt “right”.  So, in April 2014, I gave up a wonderful rewarding career and opened up my first 2 Right At Home territories. In 2015, I added an addition territory.

In my spare time I am on the Executive Board of Directors for the Dearborn Area Chamber of Commerce. I am the Treasurer for a non-profit, Senior Coordinating Aging Network that raises money for Meals on Wheels. I am on the Board of Directors for the Allen Park Chamber of Commerce and I teach at the Young Entrepreneurs Academy at University of Michigan Dearborn.

Carol Davis - Office Manager

Carol Davis

I attended Madonna College, which will give you an idea of my age, and Western Michigan University. After five years I walked away with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commercial Art. While attending College I worked full time for a small injection molding and extruding plant. The owner offered me a position in the quality department and that was the start of my automotive career. Over the next twenty plus years, I acquired a list of certificates and worked my way from Inspector to Supervisor, to Manager to Global Manager. I can hear my grandma saying ”don’t stain your arm patting yourself on the back!” Sorry grandma, I was asked to write this bio.

Working in the automotive quality field I developed and implemented policies, procedures, training manuals and work instructions. My strengths are shifting from a reactive environment to a proactive one which allows for growth and return on investment. My weaknesses are candy bars and Doritos. Grandpa would say “don’t let any opportunity pass you by”. So one year I volunteered to travel to Asia. This was an opportunity of a life time, traveling allowed me to experience other cultures, customs and work ethics. I continued to travel internationally and am grateful for those years. The morning of 9-11, I had just arrived at our office in The Netherlands…nothing was the same after. I reassessed my career and changed my priorities. My focus, and what was important, was family and friends.

I was born in Detroit, where we lived within walking distance of both sets of grandparents. As our family grew we moved to Redford Township. I am the oldest of four. Two of my siblings live here in Michigan and one in Tennessee. Amongst the four of us we have provided our parents with 16 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren…we often wonder why they reside in Florida! I have lived in Michigan and over the border in Windsor, Ontario. I am married and we have three children. Our daughter Maddy attends Michigan State University and our twin boys, Josh and Joe, are in High School. No, I am not the stereo typical soccer mom, but I am very proud. We live with our dog, Cooper O’Reilly , cat, Dino and fish, George Michael. I enjoy traveling, boating, photography, scrapbooking, researching our family history and relaxing in my She Shed, an Irish Pub.

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