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Senior Home Care Blog

senior-and-caregiver-looking-through-photo-album senior-and-caregiver-looking-through-photo-album

6 Tips for Preserving Your Family History

September 29, 2022 Family & Loved Ones
Stories that are passed down from generation to generation are like gold, but keeping the stories going can be time consuming. These six tips will help you get started with preserving your family history.
senior and caregiver celebrating birthday with cake senior and caregiver celebrating birthday with cake

Give Your Attitude About Aging a Checkup

September 27, 2022 Life Planning
Studies show that alongside lifestyle choices, a healthy attitude about aging can affect our health and independence in our later years. Help combat ageism with these tips.
caregivers-reviewing-disaster-plan caregivers-reviewing-disaster-plan

Senior Disaster Preparedness: How To Plan When You’re a Family Caregiver

September 22, 2022 Caregiving
If you’re caring for a senior, it’s important to help them prepare for a disaster to help keep them safe if one occurs. Whether your loved one lives in an area that experiences tornados, hurricanes or blizzards, these tips will help you ensure they are prepared.
living options for older adults living options for older adults

Infographic: Living Options for Older Adults

September 20, 2022 Life Planning
Housing options for seniors offer different levels of service and features. It is important to understand all of the senior living options so you can choose the one that is best for you or your loved one.
senior looking sad and lonely senior looking sad and lonely

Overcoming the Epidemic of Senior Loneliness

September 15, 2022 Health & Safety
Senior loneliness and isolation are now widely considered a serious public health risk, as evidence shows they are often associated with a broad range of physical and emotional illnesses. Read these tips to find ways to overcome loneliness and isolation.
caregiver assisting senior with walker caregiver assisting senior with walker

The Pandemic Has Raised the Risk of Senior Falls

September 13, 2022 Health & Safety
Many factors lead to the increased risk of falls for seniors. Here are tips to reduce your fall risk and help make your home safe for you and your family.
caregiver-helping-senior-with-laundry caregiver-helping-senior-with-laundry

Lightening the Load: How Seniors Can Start Getting Rid of Their Stuff

September 08, 2022 Life Planning
If you are like most older adults, you’ve accumulated a lot of things over the years. As you start considering how you want to live out your golden years, it may be a good time to start decluttering and getting rid of things. But where do you start?
senior couple with moving boxes outside home senior couple with moving boxes outside home

6 Steps for Your Senior Downsizing Plan

September 06, 2022 Life Planning
There can be many reasons you might be looking to downsize. No matter why you might be considering it, these tips will help you plan appropriately so you can accomplish your goal.
senior-with-mobile-device-and-credit-card senior-with-mobile-device-and-credit-card

Monitoring Technology Helps Keep Seniors Safe

August 30, 2022 Health & Safety
Remote monitoring for your elderly loved one is a great option when you can’t be there every day. The systems available today offer many choices to help ensure a senior’s well-being. From monitoring for falls to detecting wandering in someone with dementia, which system is right for you and your loved one and what features should you look for?
patient-describing-medical-anxiety-with-doctor patient-describing-medical-anxiety-with-doctor

Medical Test Anxiety? 5 Ways To Cope

August 25, 2022 Health & Safety
If you experience anxiety when undergoing simple and even painless medical tests or screenings, or know someone who does, these coping tips can help.

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