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Wear Red Day 2018

Our home care team gathered on Wear Red Day 2018 to promote heart health for women in East Atlanta. 

Fundraising Gala For Atlanta Area In Home Care

See photos and learn more about our recent gala event to support Atlanta area adults through in home care service scholarships. 

In Home Care Holiday Scholarship

Thanks to support from community members, we are able to provide financial help to four local seniors who need in home care this holiday season.  Interested families or seniors can apply by email or at our office. 

Minimizing Family Caregiver Depression

Depression can be common for family caregivers. Family caregivers deal with so much emotion around giving care to their elderly loved one and the loved one's situation, but they tend to ignore their own care.

Helping Your Elderly Parent to Stop Smoking

The mere title of this article can send shivers down the most loving of family caregivers and children of parents who smoke. If your loved one is over the age of 65 and still smoking, chances are that this activity has been a daily habit for most of their adult lives.

New Community Outreach Liaison

We're proud to welcome our new Community Outreach Liaison, Francine Oglesby.

Family Caregivers & Respite Care

Respite care is still a new practice to many family caregivers, but you will be happy you had that option when you are in need of a little vacation. These tips will ensure the caregiver can also provide the best care for your loved one.

Elderly Woman

Helping Seniors with Dementia to Eat Well

When a loved one with dementia starts refusing to eat, getting the right levels of nutrition into her can be challenging. Here are some tips that can help.

Reduced Clutter Can Improve a Senior's Life

Removing clutter from a home can improve spirits and reduce potential safety hazards. 


Control Disease Spread with Proper Handwashing

September 18 through 24 is National Clean Hands Week, the ideal opportunity for you to refresh your understanding on proper hand-washing technique.


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