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A caregiver with a mask does medication management for his client. A caregiver with a mask does medication management for his client.

Your Career as a Caregiver

Now, more than ever, it’s clear how essential caregivers really are. The people we serve rely on our caregivers, not just for companionship during a time of isolation, but also for assistance with their basic needs. Without dedicated caregivers, many seniors and adults with disabilities would be left with little support. You can make all the difference.

When you become a caregiver, no day will ever be exactly the same as the last. No matter what type of caregiving you provide, you will always have a wide variety of duties and experiences.

And that’s important to us.

Caregivers are the heart of our organization. We know our company couldn’t exist without you, which is why it’s so important to us to keep your passion strong and to ensure your needs are met.

Read more below about the unique positions we offer, along with the training and support we provide to every Right at Home caregiver.

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You Are the Right Fit

We believe that all kinds of people make great caregivers. It doesn’t matter if you have a little experience or a lot: You might already have the skills it takes to benefit a senior or adult with disabilities. Caregiving might be right for you if:

You’re a retiree or empty-nester
looking for meaningful part-time employment…

You’re new to the workforce and want to build
a successful career in health care…

You have experience caring
for a friend or loved one…

You’ve worked as a professional caregiver
for another company…

You’re working toward
becoming a CNA or RN…

You’re looking for
a more meaningful career…

Why is Right at Home the Right Fit For You?

Right at Home Jenkintown, PA follows an open door policy with our caregivers and we support all individual relationships with fairness and equal opportunity. The office staff is always on-call to answer and assist with support. We want to make sure our employees are valued and appreciated and feel a part of our team. Our office has fun gatherings and luncheons, holds prize raffles, and honors our Caregiver of the Month to show appreciation for our home care heroes.

caregiver wearing PPE unpacking groceries for senior adult caregiver wearing PPE unpacking groceries for senior adult

We Offer Excellent Incentives to Our Care Team

  • Competitive Salary
  • Higher Weekend Pay
  • Weekly Pay
  • Direct Deposit
  • Guaranteed Full Time Hours for the Right Person
  • Referral Bonus
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Mileage Reimbursement
  • Health Insurance
  • Aflac Program
  • Caregiver Appreciation Program
  • Weekly Orientations
  • Ongoing Education
  • Paid Training
  • Learn to Earn Program
  • Transportation for caregivers
  • Positive Caregiver Testimonials
  • Opportunity for employee advancement
  • 24/7 Caregiver Support
  • High level of Years of Service
  • Great Office Culture
  • We’re just awesome!

Ongoing Training and Education

When you become a Right at Home caregiver, you join a group of caring individuals whose goal is to help seniors and adults with disabilities live successfully in their homes. You are also associating yourself with one of the most reputable companies in home care. We believe that our success is dependent upon your success. That’s why in the ever-changing world of care, it is our goal to keep you trained and properly informed. From onboarding to client matching to continued education, we want you to thrive in your career.
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Orientation and Caregiver‑to‑Client Matching
Once you become a Right at Home caregiver, you'll go through an orientation process to learn our policies and procedures. After that, you’ll be ready to start providing care. Every time you're matched with a new client, you'll receive an orientation on that client's Custom Care Plan and the specifics of their care.
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Right at Home University
Right at Home caregivers can access hundreds of online trainings through an enhanced learning platform and mobile app called Right at Home University (RAHU). This training is designed to help you become the best caregiver possible.

Chat and Chew

Chat and Chew is a quarterly event to provide a space where caregivers can learn and connect. Each quarter a different topic will be picked and presented to allow for free flowing conversation..Topics will be relevant to the caregiver's experience. Light refreshments will be served.

During our first one, our Visiting Nurse, Michell Moriarity, gave a pop-up presentation about understanding good customer service. Several in attendance gave positive feedback about the event: 

  • "I loved it! Thoroughly enjoyed seeing office staff and meeting the other employees." -Yolando
  • "It was everything! I enjoyed the engagement and the different topics." -Fatimah

  • "Right at Home showed out! It was really nice. Real nice." -Robin

  • "Chat & Chew was really nice. I didn't get a chance to be there the entire time because I was at work, but it was really nice." -Kay

Group of caregivers chatting around a table with a pink tablecloth
Group sitting around a table with a pink tablecloth and with balloons
Group of women standing together inside an office
People in front of Decorated Banner in office
Group sitting around a table with a pink tablecloth with a decorated wall
A female care worker smiling in the background. In the foreground is an elderly female patient smiling back.
A female care worker smiling in the background. In the foreground is an elderly female patient smiling back.

Hear What Others Are Saying

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"I like the agency because they communicate well. The agency shows appreciation through a Caregiver of the Month program. The office staff is lovely and nice. I appreciate that they do an assessment of the client's needs. The agency is flexible (when it comes to shift times and locations). "
- anonymous

Hear What Others Are Saying

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"They provide very extensive training. They went into documentation and scenarios with the client. They recognize caregivers with employee of the month, give gift certificates, and put your picture on the wall. The staff is very friendly. Whenever I call and have a question, they don't rush me off the phone. When it comes to client matching, you do a trial run for a day or two to see if things go well. If you like the client, you call. "
- Holly

Hear What Others Are Saying

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"They text if you want overtime. If there is a problem, they are there for you to have a conversation. "
- Holly D.

Hear What Others Are Saying

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"I like the agency because they prepared us to take care of our clients and we get good feedback from them. "
- Jennifer W.

Hear What Others Are Saying

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"Right at Home is the best agency to work for! Everyone in the office is so friendly and great at their jobs. And they keep me busy with wonderful clients! I recommend them to people looking for an agency and to caregivers!"

Hear What Others Are Saying

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"They are good with people. I needed time off for personal matters. I always have something to do. They always listen to their people. They train you on everything about the client and their family. Someone is always there when you need encouragement. If I have a problem, they take care of it once I communicate it to them. They (office staff), welcome you. They are happy to help. Two or three people are always there. Before you are matched, they explain the client's needs and desires. They ask if you feel comfortable meeting those needs. I get the right amount of hours. I choose the days and times. If they don't have time for me, they find one I can fit into. They are encouraging and responsible. "
- Marcia M. 

Hear What Others Are Saying

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"I like how they match you with the same type of personality that you have. I found that if I don't get along with my clients, they will switch clients around with someone else. All mine are a good fit. They gave us raises and MLK day off."

Hear What Others Are Saying

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"They try to match me up with compatible clients, as close to home as possible. "
- Robin C. 

Hear What Others Are Saying

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"Years ago when I signed on to Right at Home I had no idea how enlightening and fulfilling the journey would be. Yes there were hitches but I have had the opportunity to work with, meet and learn so much about people who have had life and world experiences . Having tolerance and ability to meet people at their point of need has been a benefit. Thanks to the RAH family for training and support."

Caregivers of the Year

At Right at Home, we believe in delivering the highest quality care to our clients and their families. Every year, we reward the caregivers who go above and beyond with our Caregiver of the Year award, presented at our international conference.
The 2024 Winners

Caregiver Resources

Connect with other family and professional caregivers, discuss, ask, learn.

Right at Home Jenkintown, PA supports our caregivers in various ways. We offers a mentoring program for new employees, Human Resources are at the forefront making sure you have the proper training for new transitions, Placement Directors are available to match opportunities closely together for long term and short term care, and a terrific Payment Director makes sure our caregivers accurately get paid. Here are some other resources:

Caregiver embracing a client Caregiver embracing a client