Maryville, TN
(865) 351-4437

Kimberley Hogan, Owner

Kimberley Hogan owns and operates Right at Home, East TN Foothills. Kimberley grew up in Tennessee surrounded by a very large and close-knit extended family. Time together was very important, and she grew up visiting and helping her great-grandmother or learning skills, stories and values from both sets of grandparents as well as witnessing her parents devote themselves to helping others in the church and community.

In early 2014, a long, debilitating illness began to take its final toll on Kimberley’s father. She and her siblings struggled to find ways to help their mother and support her in the effort to be his caregiver at home (since that is where he wanted to stay). This period was painful, but by leveraging services like in-home care and hospice the family was able to keep their dad happily in his home until his passing late that same year.

It was this experience that led Kimberley and her husband Peter to ultimately making the decision to bring Right at Home to this community.

Kimberley finds great joy in providing the Right Care and working with families to develop solutions for their loved ones who want to age in place.

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