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Livin It Up Activities Handbook

During the third week of December Right at Home East Valley launched their new “Livin’-It-Up” program. Our Livin’-It-Up program is an exercise program that will be tailored to each client, no matter their level of activity. This program is one way Right at Home East Valley strives to meet their mission statement: “to improve the quality of life for those we serve.” With this program we will be encouraging our clients to get involved in improving the quality of their own life and give them control of their care plan.

As we all know the human body is made to move and be active, without being active your body will start to decline. REMEMBER THE LESS YOU DO, THE LESS YOU ARE ABLE TO DO. We are here to help motivate and assist in activities that will help our clients be more active. Exercise will help keep a healthier weight, help you look better, feel better, help lower some disease risks and even help decrease the risk of developing certain diseases. We have exercises for any condition from healthy seniors to bed bound seniors. We are going to encourage and work with our clients to establish and achieve some reasonable goals. As our program grows, we will be posting results and testimonials from our clients and caregivers. We want to thank our caregivers and office personnel for helping put this together and for their continued work to better serve our clients.

Mark Leuer
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