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Here are just a couple of testimonials from our caregivers on the Right at Home team who work hard to "Improve the Quality of Life for Those We Serve."

From our Caregivers: 

"The person that trained me was pretty good at explaining how to use the gait belt.  They make sure I am comfortable. I think I feel comfortable.  They say thank you. I am pretty satisfied with the clients I do have. I'm not very picky on the types of clients I get. Being a Right at Home caregiver makes me feel pretty good knowing that I'm doing something that's actually making a difference in someone's life instead of just solely making money." - Anonymous

"When I talk to the friend who referred me to the agency they told me that they would give me proper instructions and were organized. I like the flexibility and I like that if I am encountering a problem or have to call off, they understanding. They are also willing to work around my schedule. They gave me a tutorial to watch and they explain what they expect of me. They have a monthly newsletter that updates me to what is going on with the job. They are always receptive if I have a difficult client and things like that. They always have the employee of the month, which I think is encouraging. They are pleasant, first and foremost. If I have a problem, there are charming pleasant people to talk to. They always try to get me a client that is not too far from where I live, and if it is a longer distance, they pay me more. The caregivers always get work, they are a good employer and they will stick to their end of the bargain. I am proud to work for Right at Home. " - Anonymous

"They are very good at communicating with patients and employees. The training has helped me a lot, and they have given me training specifically for my clients. They give me all of the instructions in handwriting, and they communicate all of the needs. My supervisor does everything for the clients, as well as the employees. The communication helps a lot. The office staff helps with whatever I need. They do anything that they can for whatever I need. I appreciate everything they have done. It is a very good work environment. Being a caregiver makes me feel good. There is nothing more that they can improve." - Anonymous

"I chose Right at Home because they're located close to me. Right at Home's office staff is super cool. They're a good place to work. I never received training because I was already trained. The management is easy to talk to because they're friendly and interesting. They listen to me. Right at Home gives everyone Christmas gifts. The office staff is helpful because they're awesome and really fun. They communicate well. I love my clients. I'm a good match for them because we can be sarcastic together and we like to do activities together. They teach me. I would refer someone to work at Right at Home because they're a good company to work for. Being a Right at Home caregiver makes me feel like I have a little more freedom. " - Anonymous

"They accepted me right away. The owner and the receptionists in the office are very nice and friendly. It was very thorough. I know how to help someone if they fall, and that was very interesting to me. I have a printout on everything that the family requests, and what is known about the client. They hired me, and they found a place for me right away. They are likable people, and they are like family. They show recognition for what I do, and they make me feel good about what I am doing. They know my situation, and they are ready to help me. They know that they can call me when they need someone to fill in. They couldn't have matched me better than they did with my current client. I would only recommend someone that is qualified and has a good heart. Caregivers have to be able to put their feet in the client's shoes. I feel fantastic. I look forward to going to work, and I don't look forward to leaving. I am pretty satisfied so far." - Anonymous

"They do what they say. They're also flexible and is willing to work with me. The training is easy to understand. I learned some things I didn't know before. They make it clear about what my job means to them. They're willing to listen and take what I suggest. They gave me a raise for doing well. They give out clear information. They look at my personality to match me with the client. I have referred other employees because it is an awesome place to work. I feel like I can conquer the world" - Anonymous

"Right at Home's office staff is great. The office staff is on point with getting information back and forth, and there is never confusion with scheduling or switching shifts. Whenever I call the office staff, they try to give me the right answers anytime, and I have called them anytime." - Anonymous

"They offer a bonus after 400 hours of working with Right at Home. They gave me money towards my CNA certification cost, along with the hours that I needed to fit my schedule. They set me up with the online portal so I could look at my assignments. If I have any questions they always address them with me. They take what I say into account because I am with the clients and know the needs. I got a promotion within 6 months, and they are good about that. They let me know that they appreciate me. I can text or call. They are pretty open, and usually they are good about getting back to me. After my school, I asked to be permanently put on my client, and they fulfilled my request. When I didn't have this client they were still able to fill my hours. It makes me feel amazing. I love it. I wouldn't suggest anything for improvement." - Anonymous

Caregiver of the Month

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