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When help is needed, we make sure your care is Right at Home.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or
even touched - they must be felt with the heart."
- Helen Keller

Dustin Baker and Charley G.Meet Dustin Baker, a twenty-nine year old Army Combat Medic Veteran and former caregiver. Dustin has been the Marketing Coordinator for the Mesa, AZ Right at Home East Valley Phoenix franchise office since December of 2014. After Dustin’s military service of caring for our Nation’s Soldiers on and off the battlefield, he came back to his home state of Arizona and began work at a local assisted living community. After a few months of being a caregiver for the senior community, Dustin took the position as the Marketing Coordinator with Right at Home. When Dustin took the position it was intended to be administrative in nature, and direct patient care was never anticipated. But when a situation arose, Dustin “felt with his heart” and volunteered once again to care for those in need.

Now meet twenty-six year old Charley G. Charley came into this beautiful world as we know it born without his upper or lower extremities. Charley, through his challenges of having no arms or legs has adapted to help overcome his disabilities and gained an immense amount of independence. Charley is a dog trainer, lives by himself in his own condo, and has little to no modified medical equipment to assist him with his activities of daily living. However, given his disability, there are a few things Charley needs a little bit of extra help with.

During a senior function, Dustin came in contact with another home care agency representative who told him about a client they were having trouble staffing.   In the Home Care industry, it is fairly well known that the caregivers are predominantly female. Unfortunately due to the uniqueness of Charley’s disabilities, the transferring of Charley requires a good deal of strength, as no gait belt can be used for assistance. The transfer requires a complete lift, which if not done correctly, could significantly injure the caregiver providing the transfer. Dustin opted to take the case knowing full well the staffing issues that could arise, and offered to care for Charley if the need should arise. 

Since Right at Home has taken the case, a few of those foreseen difficulties did arise in staffing this unique case, and Dustin was right there to roll up his sleeves and provide the care Charley needed. Dustin’s selfless care will continue with Charley until the perfect client to caregiver match has been made.  This is a clear example and heartwarming story of why we have the “Right People doing the Right Things the Right Way for the Right Reason” with Right at Home In-Home Care and Assistance.        

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