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Above and Beyond Caregiving

Here are just a couple of examples where our team has lived our mission at Right at Home by "Improving the lives of those we serve"

"They have not let me down. If someone is late or sick, they will inform me. The caregiver is very professional in the way she handles herself and how she treats Wallace. She is very polite and cheery with him. She has a good attitude and does everything very well. She always has a good attitude and pays attention to him often. They have been able to provide caregivers that are able to provide the exact care that Wallace needs. I have no other suggestions. (Interview completed with Avis Adams, Wallace's partner)" - Client - Wallace

"The office is very responsive and the caregivers do all we ask them to do in taking care of my father in law. They accompany my father in law, which I couldn't do all the time, so it gave me more freedom in my life. They fulfill my father's needs. They give him his showers once a week and help him around. They were all capable of doing the things my father in law needs, whether it be helping him get around, helping him shower, or just being there with him. I didn't interact with them much but they were very nice and my father in law liked them. When I contact them, they are very quick to get back to me. Two of the caregivers were wonderful, but there was one that was really short and she had a hard time taking care of him because of that. We would like one consistent caretaker. (Interview completed with client's wife.) " - Client - Gary

"I liked the two people that came. My caregivers emptied my porta-potty and my trash. Ben keeps busy the whole time he's here. Ben does so many different things. He gathers the trash and throws it away and takes care of my dirty dishes. Ben talks to me and wants to know how I feel and how I'm doing. He seems able to do what he needs to. He starts my husband's truck and tried to pump up the tire on my golf cart." - Client - Rager

"Right at Home has provided our family with trained, responsible and caring caregivers. They help my husband with feedings, personal hygiene and toileting. We have 3 caregivers that work with my husband, each caregiver has a personality that fits well with my husband's interests and needs. We are very comfortable with the caregivers that Right at Home has sent us." - Loyd and Debi I.

"They took care of my son and everything went very well. The house was clean and my son was fed too. Right at Home has good people so it's a positive thing and they do everything well. He was very happy with the care he is getting. They seemed very attentive to his needs. They provide good people to take care of my son while I am gone. There is nothing for now for them to change. "- Anayman, mother of client 

"The caregiver lady was very interesting and she was also a very good Christian. We read the bible together and she stayed the night with me. She made me feel very comfortable in my own home. She paid total attention to me and was able to answer questions that I had regarding what was going on. She sat and really listened to me. I could tell by the loving care she gave that she had compassion. It was like a father-son situation. I don't think there was anything they could have done differently." - Weagant 

"They were there for me every time and they were flexible. Any changes that I needed to make they would work with me to get it changed and it was a great service. I would not have been able to get around a lot of times which they helped me move around and they were a great help as well. They called me all of the time and if there was a change they would make it. They knew what they were doing all of the time and did things that I didn't know what to do. They brought me gifts and things like that and they didn't have to do that. I used to call them early in the morning and if I left a message they would get right back to me. They were all great and I had no problem with any of them. They could do what needed to be done and they did it. They could have sent me two caregivers, they did everything, and they were nice and they were a good company." Blair

"Every time we have used them, they send the kind of person we need to take care of his disabilities. I needed the help so that I could go do things with the family. His caregiver was wonderful and very caring. He showed up on time and was very conscientious about doing things in a methodical way with my husband. He kind of had to learn how to take care of my husband. He was kind throughout and did everything we asked, from washing him up to fixing his lunch on time. He was very careful with my husband. He also listened intently when they had downtime, he would sit and listen to my husband about himself and his career. They were always there to answer. I specifically asked for someone ready to work. He walked in with an openness to get to know us and my husband. He was not lazy at all and was very hardworking. I can't think of a thing I would change. They are very efficient. " Linda H. (wife of client Craig)

"Right at Home seems to have better quality caregivers. Right at Home is accountable for their services.  The caregivers are great people.  The caregivers know their routine and they get started right away. Generally, the women caregivers are more compassionate than the men caregivers. The office staff is getting better at not waiting until the last minute to give notices. I appreciate the personalities of the caregivers and their accountability. There is nothing else Right at Home can improve." Kelly K.

"The contact with other people is really positive for my husband.  Nicolas helps my husband with his medications reminders, and he also does things around the house like dishes and other little chores. He is good at helping my husband with doctor’s appointments through the VA, and it is helpful for us because he knows the VA well. Nicolas always asks me if it is okay if he does something. Usually I just am able to guide him along with his tasks. Nicolas has only been absent once, but the office called and told us. They worked with us on rescheduling. I can't think of anything they can improve on." - Muna 

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Testimonial from Al McCoy (Announcer for the Phoenix Suns)

What’s around the corner?

Al McCoy Announcer for the Phoenix Suns We have all heard the expression “What’s around the corner? It’s something that no one can predict. If I were told “just around the corner” I would need a Caregiver in my household, I wouldn’t have believed it.

When I realized that my wife and lifetime partner would require a Caregiver in order to live at home, it was a shock. What do I do? Where do I turn? Fortunately, a close friend told me about RIGHT AT HOME. I had looked into other companies and potential solutions and was very confused. When I called RIGHT AT HOME, Becky and Mark Leuer came to my home and met with my wife and myself. Meeting and talking with them lifted a huge weight off of me. After meeting our Caregiver, I was even more confident this was going to be exactly what we needed. All the folks at RIGHT AT HOME are there to provide the service that you need. I can’t begin to tell you how much their service has meant to me. I was lucky that a friend recommended RIGHT AT HOME to me. Now, I would do the same for any family with the same need. RIGHT AT HOME….They put the CARE in Caregiver.

Al McCoy
Hall of Fame Broadcaster

Right at Home Testimony featuring Al McCoy

Dustin Baker

When help is needed, we make sure your care is Right at Home.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or
even touched - they must be felt with the heart."
- Helen Keller

Dustin Baker and Charley G.Meet Dustin Baker, a twenty-nine year old Army Combat Medic Veteran and former caregiver. Dustin has been the Marketing Coordinator for the Mesa, AZ Right at Home East Valley Phoenixfranchise office since December of 2014. After Dustin’s military service of caring for our Nation’s Soldiers on and off the battlefield, he came back to his home state of Arizona and began work at a local assisted living community. After a few months of being a caregiver for the senior community, Dustin took the position as the Marketing Coordinator with Right at Home. When Dustin took the position it was intended to be administrative in nature, and direct patient care was never anticipated. But when a situation arose, Dustin “felt with his heart” and volunteered once again to care for those in need.

Now meet twenty-six year old Charley G. Charley came into this beautiful world as we know it born without his upper or lower extremities. Charley, through his challenges of having no arms or legs has adapted to help overcome his disabilities and gained an immense amount of independence. Charley is a dog trainer, lives by himself in his own condo, and has little to no modified medical equipment to assist him with his activities of daily living. However, given his disability, there are a few things Charley needs a little bit of extra help with.

During a senior function, Dustin came in contact with another home care agency representative who told him about a client they were having trouble staffing.   In the Home Care industry, it is fairly well known that the caregivers are predominantly female. Unfortunately due to the uniqueness of Charley’s disabilities, the transferring of Charley requires a good deal of strength, as no gait belt can be used for assistance. The transfer requires a complete lift, which if not done correctly, could significantly injure the caregiver providing the transfer. Dustin opted to take the case knowing full well the staffing issues that could arise, and offered to care for Charley if the need should arise.

Since Right at Home has taken the case, a few of those foreseen difficulties did arise in staffing this unique case, and Dustin was right there to roll up his sleeves and provide the care Charley needed. Dustin’s selfless care will continue with Charley until the perfect client to caregiver match has been made. This is a clear example and heartwarming story of why we have the “Right People doing the Right Things the Right Way for the Right Reason” with Right at Home In-Home Care and Assistance.

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