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Caregiver Spotlight

Right at home, a leading at-home care and assistance provider, cannot be a well-oiled machine without our hardworking, dedicated, and passionate caregivers. Our caregivers go the extra mile in providing exceptional care for seniors and disabled adults by helping with the everyday little things. Right at Home Edmond wants to recognize and acknowledge our caregivers and learn more about their experiences.

June 2020

Caregiver Spotlight: Patti K. has been an asset to the Right at Home Team from the moment she walked through our doors. Patti is very engaging, helpful, and committed to all her clients. She became a caregiver because she was unable to care for her own grandmother as she had small children at home and worked full time. For her, being a caregiver now for our elderly community is in honor of her grandmother. Patti loves working with Right at Home clients because they are very interesting with all their stories and life experiences. She especially loves when her clients watch old shows like Andy Griffith and Gun Smoke! Patti has a passion to help people and loves knowing that her help allows her clients to stay safe and comfortable in their own home. Right at Home strives to help individuals age in place by receiving the proper assistance with Right at Home’s customized care plan. We are able to live out our mission to improve the quality of life of those we serve with the help of caregivers, like Patti.

May 2020

Caregiver Spotlight: Trina C. has been a part of our Right at Home since August of last year. Trina has been a very hard-working and dedicated caregiver ever since joining our team. She always has a positive attitude and a smile on her face. Trina loves being a caregiver because it is her way she gives back to our community by providing quality one-on-one care that they deserve because at some point, they took care of someone, and deserve the care in return. Her favorite aspect of being a caregiver is always learning new things and getting to know the different personalities in each one of her clients. In her time with Right at Home, Trina shared a memory that touched her heart. One of her clients asked to play hide-and-go-seek and they had so much fun together providing happiness and laughter to the client and Trina. Right at Home provides one-on-one care to dedicate and commit to each and every client to meet their needs whether it be bathing or simply playing hide-and-go-seek. Trina excels at building relationships and providing customized care to our clients with the RIGHT mission and RIGHT approach.

April 2020

Caregiver Spotlight: Ariel M. is one of our newer caregivers, but the minute he joined Right at Home he hit the ground running. We have been extremely grateful to have Ariel be a part of our team and he has become such an asset. Ariel chose to work in the senior industry because giving and helping is something he loves to do. He shared that “the elderly population represents our parents who once looked after us and now it is nice to return the kind favors”. Ariel has a heart of gold and all his actions are done with kindness and compassion. Since, Ariel has worked for Right at Home he has already created memories. His favorite memory was visiting with one of his clients that had taken a trip to Cameroon, which is Ariel’s country of origin. Ariel was so intrigued to listen to his wonderful adventures around the world and advice to travel, meet new people, and make the best memories. Ariel represents Right at Home so well because he not only meets our mission but exceeds it by improving the quality of life of those we serve each and every day.

March 2020

Caregiver Spotlight: Colleen P. has been working religiously with Right at Home for 2 years. Colleen has made such a positive impact on Right at Home because she serves her clients with love, compassion, and grace. Colleen strives at building relationships with her clients making them feel safe and comfortable. Overall, she is a natural caregiver as she cared for her parents for 11 years and was able to help them through all the difficult times. As Colleen stated her favorite part about being a caregiver is to “simply be there for them” by listening and sharing stories. Colleen shares that every day is a blessing and is lucky to wake up every day and enjoy going to work, she considered her clients to be her extended family. Thank you Colleen for all that you do for Right at Home and for always providing quality care to your clients.

February 2020

Caregiver Spotlight: Nestor V. has been with Right at Home for a little over a year. Nestor is an extremely loving, dedicated, relational individual, which makes him a great caregiver. No matter the job or the location Nestor is always willing to drive the distance, put in the hours, and work hard. We appreciate the time and dedication Nestor provides to Right at Home. Nestor loves being a caregiver because of the bonds and relationships built with each client and family. His favorite moment when being a caregiver with Right at Home was his very first assignment, when he was assigned to a more difficult client. Nestor said it took a lot of patience and dedication in order for this client to turn into a good friendship, but when he finally broke through to the client, he enjoyed all his time spent with him. We appreciate the work you put in for Right at Home to help us provide the best quality home care to those who we serve.

January 2020

Caregiver Spotlight: Elizabeth N. has been with Right at Home for two and a half years. As a caregiver Elizabeth never fails to be caring and dedicated to each one of her clients. She wanted to become a caregiver because she could make her career something she is very passionate about, which is helping others when they need it most. Also, Elizabeth shared that she loves the senior community because they are very nice and genuine people that teach her a lot of history. Right at Home is grateful to have Elizabeth on our team the past couple of years, she shared that she enjoys working for Right at Home because they always respond in a timely manner and tune it to any complaints, reports, or concerns. Elizabeth is a great caregiver and a great match for Right at Home as she upholds our mission, which is to improve the quality of life for those we serve through RIGHT people, RIGHT services, and RIGHT approach.

December 2019

Caregiver Spotlight: Traci S. started out as a companion and recently received her Certified Nurses Aide license. Right at Home is extremely proud of her hard work. Traci began one year ago with Right at Home as a caregiver to help individuals because she enjoys talking, building relationships with her clients and most importantly make them smile. She has been a dedicated, diligent, and a valuable part of Right at Home. Traci shared that she has loved and grown attached to all her clients throughout the year and there are many stories attached that it is hard to name just one. She has learned and picked up a lot of wisdom and knowledge on patience, kindness, and perseverance right on down to famous old time actors and movies. Traci stated that she is “so happy for the experience and grateful for the people she has met along the way, including her clients and family members”. Traci has made a big impact to many individuals and Right at Home is fortunate to have her on our team.

November 2019

Caregiver Spotlight: Jessica H. recently joined the Right at Home Edmond team as a Certified Nurses Aid. Ever since the start she has demonstrated passion, dedication, and energy. All of the clients that Jessica has worked with have only raved about her time spent with them. At the age of 15, Jessica started caring for the geriatric community because of her love for caring for others. She enjoys being a caregiver because she is able to build personal connections with her clients. When asked her favorite memory, she was not able to list just one and shared that her first client was the sweetest man and it made coming to work easy. It is important to love your job and love the people you work with to make the most of everyday. We are thankful to have Jessica a part of our caregiving team to help spread love and kindness among the senior community.

October 2019

Caregiver Spotlight: Zackary C. has been a Certified Nurse’s Aid for Right at Home for a year and a half. Zackary is always extremely dedicated to his clients by being hardworking, compassionate, and efficient. He chose to be a caregiver because it is important for him to help improve the quality of life of the people around him. As a caregiver, Zackary loves to help individuals work towards achieving their goals, whether it be life goals, rehabilitation goals, or daily goals. When working for Right at Home as a caregiver, Zackary’s fondest moments are spending time with a couple, transporting them to appointments and other events because they both have an extraordinary outlook on life. Zackary was inspired by the couple because of the way they take care of their own and offer to help others. There is always room to learn and grow from the people around you no matter the stage of life.

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