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Safety Protocols and Emergency Preparedness 

Right at Home El Cajon's, serving East County and South County, greatest priority is the health and well-being of our clients and caregivers. As a leading provider of home care services, we recognize we serve a vulnerable population, and we take the safety of all as a top priority. Potential exposure will remain lowest for those who can stay in their homes, wherever home may be, with as limited of outside contact as possible. It is our commitment to work with you and your family to maintain this option for your loved ones.

As part of our standard operating procedures our caregivers are trained to understand the risks of COVID and ways to reduce the risk of illness. We train for good and proper handwashing and when soap and water is not available the use of sanitizers. Our office provides our staff with not only the necessary PPE to perform their jobs but we go above and beyond with providing hand sanitizers, and disinfectant wipes for them to keep in their car and on their person when out in the community. We also have instituted an office policy and provided means to ensure all our caregivers obtain a COVID test on a regular basis.

Measures to Protect Caregivers, Clients and their Families:


  • Caregivers are trained and updated on our existing infectious disease control policies, the proper way to wash their hands and to wash their hands frequently.
  • Caregivers are provided PPE on a regular basis; gloves, surgical masks, personal sanitizer gel, sanitizer spray, disinfectant wipes to take to their clients home and for their vehicles. These supplies are replenished as they are needed.
  • Caregivers are trained for good use of their supplies – example when at the gas station to keep disinfectant wipes in the car so they can wipes down the handles of the gas pump and the screens on the gas pump then utilize the sanitizer spray or gel on their hands after they done before the enter into back into their vehicles. This is to train our staff on just being safe when out in the community so they are reducing their risk of possible infection to themselves.
  • Our clock in system has been updated that before entering a clients home they answer questions on their health – have they experienced any symptoms such as a cough, fever, shortness of breath and the office is notified immediately if the caregiver answers yes to any of these and the system does not allow the caregiver to clock in for their shift.
  • Caregivers should wash their hands as soon as they enter a home and ensure they wash their hands just before leaving.
  • Caregivers are encouraged to wipe down all common areas in the clients home whenever possible (Examples: tabletops, countertops, doorknobs, etc..)
  • Caregivers are to notify the office is one of their clients is exhibiting common flu like symptoms.
  • We offer our caregivers paid time off and paid sick leave to encourage them to stay at home if they are feeling ill.

Latest COVID-19 Updates

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