Encinitas, CA
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Director of Business Development

Diane Darby Beach

Dr. Diane Darby Beach is a Gerontologist and the Director of Business Development for the Right at Home San Diego Offices: In Home Care and Assistance. She has a Master's Degree in Public Health and a Doctorate in Education and has 28 years of experience in the area of Health Promotion and Eldercare.  She is an RCFE-certified trainer and provides training to staff caregivers, home aids, and administrators. She has presented her work at several different national and international conferences and has published in The Gerontologist, The Hospice Journal, The Journal of Gerontological Nursing, and other scientific, peer-reviewed journals. She has also held Adjunct faculty positions at San Diego State University, CSU San Marcos, The University of San Diego, and The San Diego Community College District. You may find her speaking at several events in the San Diego area. We are happy to have her expertise in our Encinitas office. 



Dr. Diane Darby Beach on KUSI TV 

Dr. Diane Darby Beach on KUSI TV 

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