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A caregiver with a mask does medication management for his client. A caregiver with a mask does medication management for his client.

Your Career as a Caregiver

Now, more than ever, it’s clear how essential caregivers really are. The people we serve rely on our caregivers, not just for companionship during a time of isolation, but also for assistance with their basic needs. Without dedicated caregivers, many seniors and adults with disabilities would be left with little support. You can make all the difference.

When you become a caregiver, no day will ever be exactly the same as the last. No matter what type of caregiving you provide, you will always have a wide variety of duties and experiences.

And that’s important to us.

Caregivers are the heart of our organization. We know our company couldn’t exist without you, which is why it’s so important to us to keep your passion strong and to ensure your needs are met.

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Benefits of a Right at Home Career

  • Flexible hours and competitive pay
  • A caring, supportive team
  • An independent work environment
  • Learning new senior care skills
  • Building one-on-one relationships with clients and families
  • Growth and training opportunities

Our Home Care Agency Makes a Difference

Being recognized as a Best of Home Care - Employer of Choice demonstrates our commitment to hiring excellent caregivers and providing them with the ongoing training and support they need to succeed.

  • We provide our caregivers with ongoing training & support
  • We conduct background checks
  • We match the right caregiver with the right client
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Best of Home Care Employer of Choice 2024 Badge Best of Home Care Employer of Choice 2024 Badge

Trained and Compassionate Caregivers

Henry Ford once said, “The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay”. Here at Right at Home we offer monthly in-service as well as online training. Our topics range from hands on skills, understanding grief, and how to better work with clients with cognitive decline. We do our best to make sure they have the necessary skills to best care for our clients and your referrals in the most professional manner.

hoyer lift training hoyer lift training

Ongoing Training

Caregiver training and continuous training is something we take seriously. That is why we have monthly in-services where we go over different topics relevant for our staff offering the RightCare to you or your loved one.

Right at Home University

Right at Home University is the educational and training division of our CERT Program. This web-based seminar series covers a wide range of topics like understanding special care needs and techniques on providing your clients with the best care possible.

Our Caregiver Qualifications

At Right at Home, we ensure that all the caregivers we send into your homes are well-trained and qualified to be there. To do so, we make sure each individual meets these minimum standards:

  • At least 18 years old:
  • Basic physical requirements and strength to provide proper assistance as necessary:
  • Completes and passes a Personal Care Aide Course approved by the State of Florida:
  • Pass Level 2 background administrated by the State of Florida.:
  • Driver License Check on Florida DMV’s website.:
  • No Professional Experience Required!
  • Alzheimers, HIV /AIDS & Infection Certificates (We Offer FREE Training If Certs Are Needed)
  • CPR Certification ($30 for CPR Card If Needed)
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Caregiver reading food label to Senior
Caregiver reading food label to Senior

Hear What Our Caregivers Are Saying

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"They are a convenient company to work for and they offer flexible scheduling. I like the people I work with in the office. They are really nice and they work with my schedule, and they've been good about getting me out of situations I wasn't comfortable in."

Hear What Our Caregivers Are Saying

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"They are very communicative when I have a problem or something comes up. They also give extra training, which is really good. The most beneficial part of the training was hands on. They do a lot of hands on and give experience training for conditions like Alzheimer's and dementia. I made caregiver of the month recently. They are always calling and asking me about clients. They also want us to respond back for the family and agency and it's pretty cool."

Hear What Our Caregivers Are Saying

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"I like that they care about their employees, they try to retain their employees, and try to keep them active. They are very easy to talk to in any needs that I have and they appreciate us verbally."

Hear What Our Caregivers Are Saying

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"I chose them because I had a friend who recommended them to me. I like that they are willing to work with the clients and staff. They partner us up in the perfect matches. They have great communication and they are very kind and willing to answer any questions that I have. I appreciate that they check in on if we have good matches. They are open to changing us when we are not happy with a client."

Hear What Our Caregivers Are Saying

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"I like the friendliness of the people who work there, they are very helpful. They gave me a class on CPR and whenever you feel you need a certain type of training they will give it to you. They try to work with you on your schedule so they can work with you at your convenience."

Hear What Our Caregivers Are Saying

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"It's very easy going training and a calm atmosphere. If someone doesn't understand something, they will switch their wording and make sure everyone understands before they move on. There are no dumb questions and I like that. Even just the tone in their voice is appreciative when we sub for someone. They say that they appreciate us. It's nice to hear because it is not an easy job to do. I don't know how they match me up, but I go and it fits. I do the best of my ability and I think that is what they appreciate."

You Are the Right Fit

We believe that all kinds of people make great caregivers. It doesn’t matter if you have a little experience or a lot: You might already have the skills it takes to benefit a senior or adult with disabilities. Caregiving might be right for you if:

You’re a retiree or empty-nester
looking for meaningful part-time employment…

You’re new to the workforce and want to build
a successful career in health care…

You have experience caring
for a friend or loved one…

You’ve worked as a professional caregiver
for another company…

You’re working toward
becoming a CNA or RN…

You’re looking for
a more meaningful career…

Caregivers of the Year

At Right at Home, we believe in delivering the highest quality care to our clients and their families. Every year, we reward the caregivers who go above and beyond with our Caregiver of the Year award, presented at our international conference.
The 2024 Winners