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We Are Hiring Caregivers to Join Our Home Care Team

Right at Home Englewood, FL is looking to grow our care team to serve Boca Grande, Rotonda West, Port Charlotte, Englewood, Punta Gorda and surrounding areas.

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Be A Difference Maker

As a Right at Home Caregiver, You Can Make All the Difference! Caregivers go by a variety of names, such as home care aides, home caretakers, and home health assistants. Whatever the name, Right at Home caregivers provide the right care, right at home.

Right at Home Caregiver

How Our Home Care Agency Makes a Difference

2019 Employer of Choice

Named "2019 Employer of Choice"

We are proud to announce that Home Care pulse has named us an employer of choice for the past two years in a row, based on positive feedback from our caregivers about our office. Home Care Pulse is an independent satisfaction research company that makes ongoing calls to our care staff to ask for their feedback.

The feedback Home Care Pulse collects is kept anonymous and is used by our team to gather information about how we can create and maintain a great working environment for our employees.

We are working together as a team and we strive to always make a difference also for our awesome team out in the field. As a member of our team you can expect that Home Care Pulse may call you to ask how you feel about working with our agency.

What Our Caregivers Say

“The people in the office are constantly tracking my work with the clients. They really care about my training.”
“Of course I would refer someone because it's a good company to work for. They always try to make people feel good.”
“I would refer someone because none of the other agencies are as good to work for as Right at Home.”
“They are very clear about calling me before I go in, telling me what type of diseases they might have. They also provide notes that I can accesses on my phone.”
“They are just down to earth people. I can talk to them about anything. I can laugh and joke with them but they get the job done.”
“I like that a lot of the training was online, so that is convenient for me. They also give training often.”

That being said, of course we don’t think we are perfect either. We will at times make human errors or do a wrong call, but we are constantly striving to make things better. So that is why we always encourage your feedback.

Our Mission is Simple

To Improve the Quality of Life for Those We Serve

And, we accomplish our mission through YOU!

What Right at Home Clients Say About Their Caregivers

We want caring and compassionate caregivers who want to make a difference in the life of a senior and/or an adult with disabilities.

Mother and daughter“My Mom received the right care from Right at Home. Her caregiver, Barb, was just excellent and became a part of our family. She took Mom shopping, on errands, and just kept her company. Barb really added life to my Mom’s years. Thanks, Right at Home!”
- Patricia, Right at Home Client

Why Is This Job Right?

YOU want to work for a company that:

  • Invests in ongoing training through various activities such as:
    • Hands on skilled training with our RN in our office
    • On site shadowing of an experienced caregiver for new caregivers and for more challenging specialized cases
    • Mentor programs
  • Being part of the Right at Home Team means you are an employee of the company.
    • You are licensed and bonded thru Right at Home.
    • You are covered under our insurances and we take full responsibility for payroll taxes.
  • We encourage a positive culture of teamwork and a true “we-can” attitude.
    • If a case gets challenging, we will find a way to make it work for all!
  • Provides flexible hours
    • You get to choose your availability around your family life, other employments etc.
  • Offers competitive pay and benefits
    • holiday pay, overtime pay, weekly payroll, direct deposit, bonuses, and caregiver referral programs.
  • Respects, honors and empowers YOU
  • Rewards experience and loyalty through various caregiver award programs
  • Makes growth opportunities available

Who Is Right?

Whatever your background, being a Right at Home caregiver can be just right for YOU!

  • Anyone over age of 18 who is caring and compassionate
  • Retirees and empty-nesters
  • Family caregivers who are experienced
  • Teachers and pastoral staff (current or retired)
  • Students in healthcare fields
  • Customer service employees looking to make a difference

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