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10 Signs of an Aging Loved One

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  1. Difficulty managing medications - missed doses, overdoses, can't read directions on bottles, numerous prescriptions from different doctors, too expensive

  2. Unsteady while walking - has fallen more than once, reluctant to walk usual distances, unexplained injuries, expressed fear of falling, narrow stairways

  3. Decline in personal cleanliness - unkempt appearance, body odor, wearing the same clothes for days

  4. Missed or excessive doctor/hospital visits

  5. Change in behavior or personality - more anxious, depressed, upset, lack of interest in usual activities, noticeable change in daily routine or sleep patterns

  6. Reluctance to leave the house - changed visiting patterns with friends and/or family, decreased involvement in social or religious activities

  7. Trouble performing daily housekeeping tasks - dirty laundry or dishes piling up, simple home repairs not made, lights not working, thermostat not adjusted, outside of home unkempt

  8. Unexplained weight loss - no longer cooking, shortage of food in the home, spoiled food in the refrigerator

  9. Unpaid bills or unopened mail

  10. Altered communication patterns - less frequent, poorer quality, changes in vision or hearing ability
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