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Right at Home Caregiver Training 

Hoyer Lift Training

Right at Home's new-hire caregivers demonstrate their skill sets in our Caregiver Training Room. In some circumstances, caregivers act as if a manikin is a live person, in others, another caregiver is used in demonstration. Caregivers review a care plan beforehand — each must demonstrate in detail how they approach, talk to, and transfer the client with a gait belt, and a hoyer lift, starting with gloving-up before touching the patient.

What is a Hoyer Lift

When a person requires 90-100% assistance to get in and out of bed, a Hoyer lift is used to transfer the client safely. A pad is slid under the individual's body and connects to chains on the hoyer lift frame. A hydraulic pump then lifts the client off the bed surface.

hoyer lift training

hoyer lift traininghoyer lift training

For questions about training or to apply, call (859) 442-5111.

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