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Social Worker - Care Coordinator

Job Summary

Responsible for all tasks associated with staffing caregivers, communicating with caregivers and communicating with clients, their family members and representatives. Primary business objective is to provide outstanding customer service and client experience, strategic positioning of best caregivers on cases for long-term client and caregiver retention, and increase company’s billable hours to meet business objectives.

Demonstrates Competency in the Following Areas:

  • Determines clients and employee schedules and correct authorizations, confirms shifts and staffing assignments, addresses and resolves client issues.
  • Staffs caregivers onto new and existing client cases as needed.
  • Minimizes staffing turnover on cases by ensuring a good fit/match between caregivers and clients.
  • Communicates/mentors caregivers on assigned cases: reviews plan of care details including tasks to be performed, client condition, client likes and dislikes and any special hobbies, interests or preferences. Discusses compliance or performance issues that can be easily addressed, provides client feedback to caregivers.
  • Communicates with new and existing clients, family members, client representatives and referral sources to ensure the highest quality of services is provided.
  • Conducts client quality calls with new and existing clients and provides follow up as to family members, caregivers and other relevant persons for each case as needed.
  • Makes sure that all client introductory and supplemental visits are scheduled and take place; schedules the Meet and Greet/introductory visits for the management team to introduce caregivers when they are starting a new client case.
  • Creates a positive influence on lowering caregiver turnover through effective relationship building and communication skills with assigned caregivers.
  • Minimizes call –offs from caregivers through excellent communication, follow through and confirmation of shifts and shift details.
  • Functions as a liaison with client physicians and Medicare Home Health; working with DON or RN case manager’s approval and scheduling appointments and services as needed.
  • Maintains complete, accurate and timely records in Hometrack Companion; including Documented Events and Notes for assigned caregivers and assigned clients.
  • Participates in the Telephony process, ensuring that caregivers are compliant with this program
  • Maintains and provides weekly reporting on caregiver utilization to work in conjunction with HR to promote efficient use of staff and effective hiring practices.
  • Promotes and represents the agency appropriately in the community through communications with referral sources and other professionals involved with clients.

Demonstrates Competency in the Following Areas:

  • Maintains a daily running list of details that the After Hours On Call Client Care Coordinator will need to know at close of business each day. Follows proper communication processes to ensure that all updates are communicated to On Call staff at the end of each workday.
  • Maintains compliance with applicable laws, regulations and agency policies and procedures. Works closely with HR regarding any needs for coaching and/or corrective action in response to reports or complaints from clients, family members, representatives or case managers.
  • Works actively with Clinical/Nursing, Marketing and Human Resources Directors to continue support strong team development and best business practices.
  • Follows chain of command as outlined in company Organizational Chart.
  • Actively participates in performance improvement and continuous quality improvement (CQI) activities.
  • Complies with all organizational policies regarding ethical business practices.210Communicates the mission, ethics and goals of the organization.
  • Performs On-Call on an as needed, but limited basis. Support O-Call Client Care Coordinator on an as-needed basis.
  • Dresses professionally, representing the company in the best professional presence.
  • Follows agency, payroll, billing and documentation policies and procedures.
  • Franchise Owner may assign additional duties as required.

Professional Requirements:

  • Dresses professionally, appearance is neat and clean.
  • Maintains patient confidentiality at all times.
  • Reports to work on time and as scheduled, completes work within designated time.
  • Represents the organization in a positive and professional manner.

Regulatory Requirements:


  • Previous Home Health or Medical Office experience.
  • Previous management or case management experience.

General Qualifications:

  • Emotional and mental maturity.
  • Valid state driver’s license and reliable automobile, current automobile insurance and willingness to operate personal car as necessitated by job.
  • Current health certificate/physical examination and TB testing.
  • Excellent command of verbal and written communication skills.
  • Detail oriented, strong problem solving skills and documentation skills.
  • Demonstrated leadership capabilities with the ability to relate well to staff and other professionals.
  • Well-developed customer service skills.

Language Skills:

  • Ability to read and communicate effectively in English.
  • Additional languages preferred.


  • Comprehensive knowledge of general nursing theory and practice.

Physical Demands:

  • For physical demands of position, including vision, hearing, repetitive motion and environment, see following description.

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the position without compromising patient care.

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