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Rewarding Exceptional Care and Service 

Beginning in April, 2019, one Caregiver of the Month will be chosen and will be based on the following criteria:

  • No call outs for shifts in the previous month
  • Is on time for all shifts for the previous month
  • Extra points for picking up last minute shifts
  • Must be in good standing with HR (current on all required documents, e.g., driver’s license, insurance, modules) and no complaints the last month
  • Work at least 40 hours the previous month
  • Must demonstrate good teamwork with other Right at Home Caregivers and office staff
  • Extra points for being mentioned by name by client on Home Care Pulse surveys

August 2019 - Tennille Handy

Caregiver Tennille HandyCaregiver of the Month for August is Tennille Handy! She is truly passionate about caring for our clients! She is always willing to accommodate her clients, stays late when needed, covers any shift we find her to be a good match for, and has a pleasant attitude. She truly is an example when it comes to staying in close communication with the office regarding her client's care, always abides by RAH uniform and other policies, is always on time to her shifts, never calls off - too concerned about who will care for her clients, and is a very selfless individual who puts her clients needs above her own. Help me in congratulating Tennille as the Caregiver of the Month for August 2019!

July 2019 - Jennifer Irving

Caregiver Jennifer IrvingHelp us congratulate our July Caregiver of the Month, Jennifer Irving! We are happy to have her as a part of the Right at Home Greater Galveston Team! She is filled with patience, kindness, and selflessness which shows when caring for even some of our toughest clients. Jennifer has a full time position outside of RAH and still manages to be dependable, reliable, trustworthy, attentive and shows great compassion for every client she cares for. She never calls off for a shift she is scheduled, is always on-time, picks up last minute shifts, whenever she is available, without hesitation and we can rely on her for a quality caregiving experience.

Jennifer has such a great attitude and understands how to listen and relate to families which makes a huge difference when caring for our clients. She shows up for training on her off days and is happy to share her experience with her peers as well as learn something new.

She follows RAH Policies and communicates with the office when she needs support. She even participates in our office extracurricular activities - she brought her daughter and grand babies to take pictures with the Easter Bunny earlier this year! Congratulations Jennifer! We appreciate all you do.

June 2019 - Heather Koerner 

Caregiver HeatherHelp us Congratulate June's Caregiver of the Month, Heather Koerner! Since Heather has joined the RAH Galveston-Brazoria County team, she has exampled the true definition of what a CAREgiver is.

When she began temporary shifts with her first client with RAH, she became so attached to the client that she was really sad when they were coming to an end.

She went above and beyond the call of duty in caring for her client providing an EXTRAORDINARY experience! The client, unable to do very much physical work in her home because of her disability, was very grateful that Heather took the time to go through the deep freezer and toss all the old and freezer burnt foods that have been there for some years.

She stood up for her client when an agency showed up at the door attempting to give a cash offer for the home by suggesting a second opinion, making a huge impact in this client's livelihood.

She has never called off for her shifts (even worked her birthday); She encompasses the Right at Home culture in providing quality care; She proudly lists her affiliation with RAH in her Facebook profile exhibiting her spirit as a true brand ambassador; She consistently reports ALL information regarding her client's care to the office not only in the form of complete shift notes but phone calls with concerns of their well-being; She is willing to learn more about how she can improve her skills and knowledge to further assist anyone in her care.

Congratulations Heather, we appreciate all you do and who you are. This is well deserved and we proudly highlight you as our June Caregiver of the Month!

May 2019 - Anna Garcia

Caregiver Anna

Congratulations to Anna Garcia for being the RAH Greater Galveston May Caregiver of the Month! Anna always makes herself available to help care for clients even at the last minute, often times changing her plans to accommodate the care for her clients. She is very trustworthy, dependable, reliable, accommodating, patient, compassionate, attentive and always adheres to RAH Policies and Procedures. She is often a requested caregiver among some of our clients who will cancel their plans if Anna is not available to care for their loved one. Anna participates in our office extra curricular activities, even when she can't make it - she sent her daughter, son in law and grandchildren to take pictures with the Easter Bunny earlier this year while Anna tended to her client's care. We appreciate you for who you are and all you do, Congratulations Anna!

April 2019 - Jennifer Bryant

Caregiver Jennifer Bryant

Congratulations to Jennifer Bryant! She is our April Caregiver of the Month. Since Jennifer has started working with RAH Greater Galveston, she has hit the ground running! She is always open to help us get the proper coverage for our clients. She has a strong work ethic, adheres to all RAH Policies and Procedures and unapologetically reports to the office on every client she cares for. She has a positive contagious attitude, is dedicated to provide excellent care, dependable, always dressed in proper uniform, adheres to rules, communicates with office, and is very flexible. She is always open to learning something new and tries her best to make time to attend every training we offer even if it means splitting her shift up to attend. She asks for additional training in areas she is curious about and in areas she sees an opportunity to improve the quality of life for our clients. Her clients have stated "she is considerate, capable and caring;" "she is great and I like her;" "Jennifer has a warm personality, genuine affection, and interacts with my mom." Congratulations Jennifer, you are a gem and we are happy to have you on our team!

Caregiver Awards

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