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Home Care StudyAs the health care cost continue to escalate, preventing hospitalizations continues to be top of mind. Right at Home is helping to lead this issue by working with Harvard Medical School and software provider ClearCare to participate in an exclusive study aimed at determining interventions to help improve senior's health and reduce costs for all parties.


Right at Home Galveston and Brazoria Counties participation consists of two components:

  • Early identification of changes in patient condition
  • Monitoring (or helping to manage) these condition changes in an in-home setting

Study Goals

  • Implement a systemic process for observing, reporting, and monitoring changes in condition of clients
  • Prevent avoidable hospitalizations
  • Improve health outcomes
  • Lower healthcare costs

If changes in the patient's condition remain undetected and unmanaged while a senior is aging at home, the issues frequently escalate into costly hospitalizations and raise healthcare costs. Under the new program:

  • Any sudden changes in a patient's physical or cognitive status are observed and reported via Right at Home caregivers using the ClearCare software
  • Once reported, the change(s) in the patient's status (are) communicated in real time to a Right at Home client care coordinator
  • The Right at Home client coordinator reviews the reported change(s) and determines the appropriate course of action in hopes of heading off a potential hospitalization.
  • Lower healthcare costs

At a Glance: How the Program Works

Home Care Study How it Works

According to the U.S. Department of Health, roughly 28% or 11.8 million American seniors live alone. It's critical that we gain a deeper understanding and validation of how our help can support a better quality of life.

- Allen Hager
Founder & Executive Chairman, Right at Home

About the Study

The study will collect data on nearly 20,000 seniors from 400 Right at Home locations in 45 states and will be managed by a team led by Dr. David Grabowski, Professor of Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School. Right at Home Galveston and Brazoria Counties is pleased to be participating in the study.

Importance of the Research

This is the first large-scale study that examines how the private-pay home care population utilizes healthcare. Findings from the study could:

  • Help health providers and insurance networks gather the data they need to further support in-home care.
  • Help shape healthcare policy and reduce healthcare costs relative to home care.

How Right at Home Helps Seniors & Their Families:

Right at Home offers in-home caregiving services for almost any family and practically any situation.

  • Companionship/Homemaking: Safety supervision, transportation and light housekeeping
  • Wellness: Monitoring and everyday health reminders, meal planning and meal preparation
  • Physical Assistance: Ambulatory and dressing assistance
  • Hygiene: Bathing and other personal care services
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