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Published By S. Nurmi on November 16, 2017

Care Giving Builds Into a Lasting Relationship


Right at Home Genesee Caregiver Sharon and her client Joy

Caregiver Sharon Chimovitz has been with RAH since 2010 and ever since she came to Right At Home she has been with one client, Ms. Joyce Brewer. This coming April, Joy and Sharon will be celebrating 8 wonderful years together! When asking Joyce how Sharon has impacted her life she stated, “Sharon has helped me more than anyone can imagine! She has allowed me to continue living in my own home and has helped me stay as active as possible. Sharon helps with everything from preparing my meals, housekeeping, helping me care for my pets and getting me out of the house.” “Because of Sharon I have been able to continue my volunteer work every week at Goodwill, something I have been doing for over 20 years. It has grown into something me and Sharon do together and now she is just as involved as I am.” She continued to tell us, “I don’t think of Sharon as a caregiver, but as family. She is dependable as the day is long and I can always count on her.” This dynamic duo has grown to have such a good relationship over the years and they truly highlight what Right At Home is all about.

When talking with Sharon she revealed to us how rewarding these past 8 years with Joyce have been to her. “Joy has shared so much of her life and experiences with me that I find her inspirational. She has taught me so much over the years and continues to teach me every day.” Sharon says. “I have never met someone with such a big heart and such a great personality. We are always laughing together and having a good time. I wouldn’t trade her for anything.” This astounding relationship goes to show what happens when you find the Right People doing the Right Things for the Right Reasons here at Right At Home.

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